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Sculpture cover


Penelope Stewart

Canopy, photo-screened fabric and hand mirrors, Dimensions Variable, 2005

The politics of space, ephemeral and codified are recurring themes in my work. I am interested in how we comprehend spatial memory; how space acts as a catalytic agent triggering, reviving, retaining latent experiences while apprehending the lingering loss that memory implies. This current work is focused on the re-configuring of existing spaces through the creation of temporary, mobile architectural interventions. Using a translucent fabric on which I have imprinted traditional architectural images as my matrix, I am able to superimpose new ephemeral structures within existing architecture. The modular and mutable nature of the scrim can shift in scale and measure depending on the host site. This transposition choreographs space and time, confronting an unknown relationship between distinct spaces, real and imagined.


SUNY Buffalo
Faculty Sponsor: Reinhard Reitzenstein