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Sculpture cover


Taylor Baldwin

Busted Butte or The Evening Deadness in the West, 2007. Burnt plywood, burnt MDF, OSB, pine lumber, polysulfide rubber, acrylic, stainless steel, subsonic speaker, audio wire, 12' x 8' x 10'.

Desert cities are under constant threat from erosion, sandstorms, flash floods, and drought. These factors are at work daily in southern Arizona, where I was born and raised. My work in sculpture, video, and drawing emphasizes personal and shared anxieties regarding civilization and the environment. By locating microcosmic cultural, scientific, and architectural subject matter that exhibits macrocosmic global dread (the extinction of the dodo, fallout shelters, David Attenborough’s mediated natural world), I seek to distill our eco-socio-political anxiety into a portrait of a society haunted by the specter of nameless impending disaster.

Virginia Commonwealth University
Faculty Sponsor: Amy Hauft