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Rodney Carroll

920 Clifford Street
Baltimore, MD 21223, U.S.A.
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Phone: 410-752-2481     Fax: 410-752-2481

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RODNEY CARROLL PUBLIC SCULPTURE COMMISSIONS PUBLIC SCULPTURE and COMMISSIONS SELECTED COLLECTIONS 2014 Untitled, Stainless steel, H-17’, The Palisades, Hanover, Maryland 2014 Jitterbug, stainless steel, H-21’, L-24’, W-18’, Broad Creek, Norfolk, VA 2009-2014 Marriott Marquis Motel, Lobby sculptures, Washington DC, Cooper Carry architects, BBG-BBGM interior architects. Birth of the American Flag, stainless steel, H- 56’, L-43’, W-26’, Star, stainless steel, H-10’, L-4’, W-2’, Threads that Bond, copper nickel, stainless steel. H-8’, L-22’, W-5’, Flag wall, stainless steel, H-29’, L-64’, W-24’- America wall, copper-nickel, H-45’, L-61’, W-20’ 2013 Tumbler,Silver Spring, MD, H-5’, L-10’, W-6’, stainless steel 2012 Encore,d’ Art Center, Norfolk, VA, stainless steel, H-14’, L-15’, W-17’ 2012 Aria, Madrigal Lofts Building, Washington, DC stainless steel, H-17’, L-7’,W-6’ 2010 Couple in Arms, City of Norfolk, Virginia, Broad Creek, stainless steel,H -36’, L-15’, W-12’ 2009 William Donald Schaefer, tribute statue, Baltimore Inner Harbor Visitor Center, Baltimore, Maryland, bronze, marble, H-8’, Whiting-Turner, Hord Copland Macht architects. 2009 Stamen, The Churchill Building, New York, NY, 2nd Ave. at 39th St., copper-nickel, stainless steel, H-16’,L-5’, W-6’, exterior plaza entrance, Forbes-Ergas Design, Lawless and Mangione architect. 2008 Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Janelia Research Farm, Ashburn, Virginia, Rafael Vinoly architect, LSG landscape architects. Comet Gazebo, stainless steel, H- 18’, L-48’, W-35’ Space Between Us, stainless steel, H-12’, L-16’, W- 18’ Noh Play, stainless steel, H- 17’, L-20’, W-26’ 2008 In My Hands, Roanoke Civic and \ Performing Arts Center, Roanoke, Virginia, stainless steel, H-30’, L-13’, W-16’, exterior plaza entrance 2007 Volition, National Business Park, entrance to complex, stainless steel, H-45’, L-75’, W- 40’, Corporate Office Properties, Parker Rodriguez landscape architects, Columbia, Maryland 2007 Yale Laundry Residential and Commercial complex, sculpture with water, H-12’, L-6’, W-8’, Washington D.C. 2007 Apollo’s Cascade, Columbia Museum of Art, bronze, cooper-nickel, stainless steel, H-30’, L-15’, W-20’, plaza entrance to museum, Columbia, South Carolina 2006 Leda and the Swan, Maryland Science and Technology, Prince George county, Maryland, MIE Properties Inc, developer, Aumen Asner Associates, architects 2007 Volition, National Business Park, stainless steel, cast stone, H-48’, L-40’, 120’, GVA Architecture, Parker Rodriguez landscape architects 2006 Between Morning and Midnight, Maryland Fire –Rescue Services Memorial, five bronze figures with architectural elements, Maryland Fire- Service Foundation, O’Doherty Graham Landscape architects, Annapolis, Maryland 2005 Firebird, bronze, copper, stainless steel. H-50’, L- 38’, W-27’, sculpture, benches, Symphony Center, Baltimore, Maryland Transportation Administration, David S. Brown Enterprises 2005 Spring Breeze, copper-nickel, stainless steel, H-7’, Waterford Development Headquarters, Reston, Virginia 2004 Apollo 4, copper-nickel, stainless steel, H-9’, L-3’, W-2’, Cafritz collection, Bethesda, Maryland 2005 Oasis, sculpture fountain, H- 14’, L-38’, W-36’, Waterford McLean/Madison Homes, Lewis, Scully, Gionet Landscape Architects, McLean, Virginia 2003 Hatteras Dunes 4, bronze, H-41”, L-80”, W-47”, Cordish collection, Baltimore, Maryland 2004 Meridian, bronze, stainless steel, H-12’, L-7’, W-6’, Southwest General Health Center, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 2003 Dovetail, stainless steel, H-25’, L-35’, W45’, Bethesda Towers, Quadrangle Development Corporation, Soe Lin & Associates Architects, LSG landscape architects, Bethesda, Maryland 2004 Meridian, bronze, stainless steel, H-10’, L-7’, W-6’, MIE Investment Company, Asner and Associates, Bestgate, Annapolis, Maryland 2004 Three Muses and Apollo, Three Muses, copper-nickel, stainless steel, H-12’, L-45’, W-4’, Apollo, copper, stainless steel granite, H-15’, L-4’, W- 4’, Architects Collaborative, Palisades, Bethesda, Maryland 2001 Hatteras Bearing, bronze, aluminum, H-3’, l-3’, W-7’, Hayden collection, Upperco, Maryland 2002 Untitled, bronze, steel, Maryland Science and Technology project, MIE Properties, Prince George’s county, Maryland 2002 Hatteras Dunes 8, bronze, Van Order/Barney collection, Ellicott City, Maryland 2001 Spring’s Embrace 2, copper, steel, H-7’, L-4’, W-4’, Liberty Property Trust Company, Greenville, South Carolina 2001 Hatteras Dunes 2, bronze, H-16”, L-22”, W-12”, E.C.May Co., Alexandria, Virginia 2001 Spring Breeze, bronze, stainless steel, H-18’, L-10’, W-8’, Tower Park Corporation, Newport News, Virginia 2001 Untitled, sculpture benches, aluminum, H-48”, L-96”, W-18”, Dawson Farm Park, Cultural Arts Commission, Rockville, Maryland 2001 Saint Patrick, copper, aluminum, forton, H-18’, L-4’, W-4’, Artscape, Baltimore, Maryland 2001 Untitled, bronze, H-4’, L-12’, W-3’, Kaufman collection, Baltimore, Maryland 2000 Spring’s Embrace, bronze, steel, H- 5’, L- 3’, W- 2’, Sheppard Pratt Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland 2000 Tomoka River Dance, bronze, stainless steel, water, sculpture fountain, H-14’, L-28’, W-36’, Performing Arts Center, City of Ormond Beach, Florida 2000 When The Wind Comes, aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, weathering steel, H- 21’, L-14’, W-9’, National Endowment for the Arts Grant, Howard County Arts Council Grant, Thunder Hill School, Columbia, Maryland 2000 Volatus, aluminum, copper, steel, H-6’, L-5’, W-4’, Big Rock Sculpture Park, Bellingham, Washington 2000 Kazimoc, aluminum, H-108”, L- 36” , W- 24”, River Hill Community Association, Columbia, Maryland 2000 Hatteras Dunes, bronze, H-30”, L-20”, W-20”, Kahan collection, Baltimore, Maryland 2000 Botanical Benches, Tulip popular, Dogwood, Ginko, Redbud, aluminum, H-40”, L-60”, W-36”, Cary Visual Art, Marla Dorrell Park, Cary North Carolina 2000 Tango, aluminum, water, sculpture fountain, H-12’, L-12’, W-11’, SAS Institute, Cary, North Carolina 1999 Scythian Horse, forton, H-34”, L-26”, W-14”, Gold of The Nomads, commissioned by The Walters Art Museum, travels to: The San Antonio Museum of Art, Texas, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, California, The Brooklyn Museum of Art, New York, Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, Missouri, Grand Palais, Paris, France 1999 Spring Breeze, bronze, steel, H-18”, L-16”, W-12”, Tower Park Corporation, Newport News, Virginia 1999 Tenchi Nage II, steel, H-9’, L-15’, W-10’, Washington D.C. Convention Center 1999 Kazimoc XXX, aluminum, diamond plate steel, stainless steel, H-20’, L- 8’, W-6’, Art House, Baltimore, Maryland 1999 “C” Cary, stainless steel, H-18’, L-8’, W-6’, Cary Chamber of Commerce, Cary, North Carolina 1999 Winged Youth, aluminum, bronze, weathering steel, H-26’, L-17’, W-10’, One Percent for Art, Montebello School, Baltimore, Maryland 1999 War Horse, steel, plaster, H-8’, L-10’, W-3’, commissioned by The Walters Art Museum Land of the Winged Horseman, The Art of Poland, 1572-1764, , Baltimore, Maryland, travels to: Chicago Art Institute, Huntsville Museum of Art, Alabama, San Diego Museum of Art, California, Philbrook Museum of Art, Oklahoma, Royal Castle, Warsaw, Poland 1999 Spring Breeze II, aluminum, H-9’, L-3’, W-5’, Macks collection, Baltimore, Maryland 1998 Flight of Enlightenment, aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, steel, H-10’, L-8’, W-3’, Stevens collection, Wappingers Falls, New York 1998 Aeolian Wind Harp, stainless steel wind harp, H-13’, L-4’, W-2’, University of South Carolina - Aiken, collaboration with Dr. Henry Gurr, Chair, Physics Department 1997 Reflection, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, H-11’, L-10’, W-10’, United States Naval Test Pilot School, Naval Air Warfare Center, Patuxent River, Maryland 1997 Aerius, etching, Baltimore Museum of Art, print collection, Baltimore, Maryland 1996 Mother Lifting Child, bronze, H-15’, L-5’, W-5’, Kahan collection, Baltimore, Maryland 1996 Tenchi Nage, steel, H-9’,L-14’, W-6’, The Maryland Institute, College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland 1995 Kazimoc XXIX, painted steel, H-25’, L-9’, W-8’, Reston Town Center, Reston, Virginia 1994 Aerius IV, aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, H-5’, L-8’, W-2’, Bourdeau collection, Washington, D.C. 1993 In Evenings Air, bronze, stainless steel, water, sculpture fountain, H-17’, L-10’, W-10’, Baltimore County Government, Pikesville, Maryland 1993 Flight of Enlightenment, aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, weathering steel, H-25’, L-17’, W-10’, Montgomery College, Rockville, Maryland 1993 Kazimoc XXVI, aluminum, bronze, copper, H-96”, L-40”, W-28”, Cordish collection, Baltimore, Maryland 1993 Page Cut, aluminum, steel, H-38”, L-21”, W-16”, Gross collection, Baltimore, Maryland 1993 Wind Harps, aluminum, painted steel, stainless steel, H-30’, L-18’, W-10’, Damascus Regional Park, Damascus, Maryland 1991 Spirit of the Hills, aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, H-10’, L-15’, W-6’, Daniel collection, Owings Mills, Maryland 1990 Enduring Winds, mahogany, H-7’, L-14’, Franklin Square Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland 1990 Volatus, aluminum, weathering steel, H-11’,L-14’, W-5’, Peninsula General Hospital, Salisbury, Maryland 1990 Day and Night, weathering steel, H-8’, L-7’, W-2’, Kahan collection, Baltimore, Maryland 1989 With and Without You, steel, H- 76”, L- 64”, W- 18”, Dalsheimer collection, Baltimore, Maryland 1989 Celestial Serenade, aluminum, weathering steel, H-11’, L-13’, W-3’, Oakland Mills Community Center, Columbia, Maryland 1989 Kazimoc XXVII, aluminum, painted steel, stainless steel, H-20’, L-7’, W- 6’, Frostburg State College, Frostburg, Maryland 1989 Subvator, aluminum, painted steel, concrete, H-25’, L-32’, W-13’, Spring Garden Business Park, Baltimore, Maryland 1988 Kazimoc XVIII, painted steel, H-14’, L-8’, W-6’, Fairtech I Corporation, Fairfax, Virginia 1988 Development Award, mahogany, H-1’, L-2’, W-1’, Meridian Health Care Corporation, Baltimore, Maryland 1987 Ocean Breeze, mobile, aluminum, painted steel, H-14’, L-22’, W-20’, International Long Shoremen Association, Baltimore, Maryland 1987 Steaming, aluminum, painted steel, H-3’, L-10’, W-1’, International Long Shoremen Association, Baltimore, Maryland 1987 Minuteman, cement, fiberglass, foam, H-16’, L-5’, W-4’, commissioned for the bicentennial signing of The United States of America Constitution, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1987 Family, copper-nickel, H-9’, L-4’, W-4’, Spring Garden Business Park, Baltimore, Maryland Courtyard Gate, painted steel, H-7’, L-15’, Ross Murphy Finkelstein Corporation, Baltimore, Maryland 1986 Star Catcher, copper nickel, H-6’, L-4’, W-3’, Early collection, Baltimore, Maryland 1985 Tank Dancing, painted steel, H-7’, L-6’, W-6’, Kitakyushu Monorail Station, Kitakyushu, Japan 1985 Boy Scout, cement, fiberglass, foam, H-14’, L-4’, W-3’, National Boy Scout 75th Anniversary, Fort A. P. Hill, Virginia 1984 Planar Slip, bronze, H-16”, L-16”, W-8”, Savage collection, Baltimore, Maryland 1983 Kazimoc VI, aluminum, bronze, copper, H-7’, L-10’, W-2’, NASA Space Telescope Institute, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland 1983 C-Minor, aluminum, H- 10’, l-17’, W-15’, Nelson Collection, Baltimore, Maryland 1983 C-Ballet, painted steel, H- 15’, L- 18’, W-13’, Golumbek collection, Baltimore, MD