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Lynda Cole

Ann Arbor, MI 48103, U.S.A.
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Phone: (734)604-5296

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I like to explore ideas. Instead of referring to personal material, I use the questions that have occupied mankind from the beginning. Questions like -- From inside our three-dimensional world, how can we come closer to perceiving the idea of spacetime? What can the artist do to promote this understanding? Another idea interesting to me is geometry, the comparison of 2 dimensions (as in shadows and reflections) to 3 dimensions to 4 dimensions (time, again). When I find that an idea interests me, I research it. It’s my way of continuing my personal growth and education. Right now I’m interested in modern physics but an idea concerning the biological sciences, especially cloning, is waiting to inform my future art.

Artist Statement
My work is frequently inspired by what I see in nature – color combinations, patterns, textures; also by man-made environments, materials and things. I’ll look at something I’m attracted to and wonder how it would work in different materials. This leads to the sculpture’s own unique development. I’m drawn to other artists who like to reshape their environment. Andy Goldsworthy uses the natural materials he finds at a site. Anish Kapoor plays with negative space and scale. Ann Hamilton makes an idea fit the site.

I like to use materials in new ways:
I laminate white paper (sometimes painted but more often not) in large curved shapes made of Mobius strips and hang it so that it is moved by air currents. I’m pursuing the idea of hanging a large number of these "geometric creatures" in an atrium space.

I use silver gilt frequently. It gives a soft silver glow.

I like to include computer generated bits when they fit. I’ve made a number of pieces that combine digital and traditional parts.

I use metal paints with chemical patinas applied as a surface treatment.

Frequently my art focuses on the mass, line and negative space of a design instead of color.

A number of my recent works have been made of simple, white cubes hung in regular patterns. The interest comes from the negative space, shadows and motion.

Recent Exhibits

Oct 19 - Nov 28, 2010: Silver Liquid: a tribute to water, WSG Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI

July 1 - 23, 2010: Ann Arbor in Tubingen, Germany

July 3 - Sept 1, 2010: Silver Linings, Terra Gallery, Columbus, OH

April 27 - June 15, 2010: Waxing Lyrical, Loomis Chaffe, Windsor, CT

Feb 4, 2010: Opening of permanent installation of A Different Alphabet in Bloomfield District Public Library, Bloomfield, MI