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Thelma Mathias

p.o. box 32106
Santa Fe, NM 87594, U.S.A.
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"The works of Thelma Mathias are possessed by a mysterious sense of lived experience, It is not a mere reflection of the mundane world...the impetus to transform experience through idea implies something else. EXPERIENCE + IDEAS = ANOTHER REALITY. The impulse gives signifigance to the work and is realized in terms of a presentation...outside the bounds of time(logiC) - the predictable...requiring a curiosity, an attentiveness. It requires a unique sensibility, a certain definitive lightness, a quality of the unseen."

- Robert C. Morgan, critic; Prof. Pratt Inst.

Thelma Mathias was born in New York City, educated at the High School of Music & Art, The University of Michigan, New York University and has taken various courses and workshops as a post-graduate. Her extensive travels, international residencies, grants and projects fuel her focus on cultural, socio-political issues. She has shown her work in 3 solo shows in Mexico, several solo shows in Europeand New York City, in addition to many group exhibitions. Her sculptural and installation work is expanded by performance and video projects.

Small sculptural objects, artist books and limited edition prints are available.  Currently, she lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico where she is also exhibiting.



P.O. Box 32106 Santa Fe, New Mexico 87594

 Selected Solo Exhibitions

2009 CCA [Center for Contemporary Art,] Spector Ripp Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

2007 Galerie Jurgen Richter, Berlin, Germany

2004 “Stories Retold,” Box Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Words in the Dust,” Phil Place, Santa Fe, New Mexico

1999 “The Pulling of the Threads,“ The Newark Museum, Newark, NewJersey

1998 “Diary of a Mad Housewife“ Gallery One Twenty Eight, New York City

Labrynth Gallery, Bureau of Art Exhibitions, Lublin, Poland

1996 “Chicken Little,“ University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee

“The Birthday Party,“ Dieu Donne Gallery, New York City

1995 Goethe Institute, Mexico City, Mexico

“My Father's List,“ Yeshiva University Museum, New York City

Ricardo Flores Magon Cultural Center, Oaxaca, Mexico

1994 Cunneen-Hackett Gallery, Poughkeepsie, New York

1991 Galeria Taxco-Instituto National de Bellas Artes, Monte Taxco,Guerrero, Mexico

1990 R.J. Fryer Gallery, New York City

Stephen Haller Gallery, New York City

1988 Galerie Jurgen Richter, Berlin, Germany

Curatorial Projects

2005 “Curious Ephemera,“ Oaxaca Museum, Oaxaca, Mexico

1998 Performance Night, Gallery One Twenty Eight, New York City

1995 “After Fifty Years,“ Tweed Gallery at City Hall, New York City;curator

1994 “Bearing Witness: The Holocaust,“ Artist Talk on Art, New YorkCity; moderator

1993 “Repair Work,“ The Lobby Gallery at Deutsche Bank, New York City;co-curator

“Sculpture Addressing Social Issues Within the Corporate Context,“

Artists Talk on Art, NYC, moderator and panelist

Selected Group Exhibitions

2008 “Art With Roots in the Earth,”  Biennial ofContemporary Art of Chapingo 08, Mexico

2007 “Winter Show,” Cruz Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Here & There: Stories of Immigration,“ ArtWorks!, New Bedford, Massachusetts

2006 “Art from Detritus VII,“ Fairleigh Dickenson University,