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Claudia Jane Klein

426 North
Lakeworth, FL 33460, U.S.A.
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Phone: 561.582.2425     Fax: 561.547.0509
URL: Http://

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Artist Statement:


Art is my expression of life and experiences, visions and thoughts narrowed down in the transformation of matter. I have chosen sculpture because I see things from many directions and angles and need the dimensionality that allows me to go inside and over things. I like to use different shaped planes and rings to capture negative space giving the sculpture structure, movement, and feeling. This technique allows me to develop fluidity and a feeling of lightness. When outside, the dynamics of the changing day cause the planes and shapes to interact with different light and shadows, which give the piece strength, direction, and a continually changing form.

Often I use found pieces that work into the sculpture but usually I fabricate parts. I do this by first cutting the metal with a plasma cutter or oxy-acetylene torch and then they are either rolled, bent, or combined in sections and welded by mig or tig process. Then the sections are ground, sanded, polished and shaped. The patina color and texture add another dimension, which brings the whole sculpture to its full potential.

As the initial shape begins to take form I see a personality developing. This process of making something from nothing is my expression of creativity. It is through this process that I am able to communicate with others giving them the opportunity to share my thoughts and then discover their own.... I hope that these experiences are as enjoyable to others as they have been for me.