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Jeff Meyers

PO Box 104
Swarthmore, PA 19081, U.S.A.
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Phone: (610) 357-2341

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~ Plato’s Forms Series~

These “dimensional/dynamic” paintings continue the direction of my earlier work investigating forms used as power objects which derive their power from the irrational—i.e. “magic.”  They refer to mystical forms, religious icons, mystic diagrams, relics, magical forms.  They are paintings deconstructed into their essential elements—line and color attempting to break from each other—and attempt to evoke essential states. They comment on the history and relationship of art, philosophy, spiritual practice, and healing, and are intended to manifest and evoke the “healing” power inherent in all forms.  These particular works derive their inspiration from Hindu yantras (power diagrams) and the mystical orientation of western art from the ancient “Mystery Schools” of Classical Antiquity through Mannerism through Mondrian. 

These works teeter on the brink of painting, drawing, sculpture, and installation and question the categorization of forms.  They embody a dialectic of illusive opposites in dynamic tension—color and form, color and line, texture and shape, figure and ground, intentionality and unintentionality, mass and energy, presence and absence—serving as visual koans. 

These works are intended to be questions for contemplation.  They may serve as icons for imaginary churches and relics for imaginary shrines.  They are religious/contemplative art for faiths and philosophies that do not yet exist, and for future manifestations/incarnations/ revelations of current faiths.  They are a re-visioning of philosophy/spirituality/art/healing for this era.






  • B.J. Spoke Gallery, “Expo XXIV” Annual Juried Expo, Huntington, NY.
    Juror:  David Ebony, Associate Managing Editor and News Editor, Art in America.
  • Firehouse Plaza Art Gallery, Nassau Community College, “Anything Goes
    Juried Exhibition, Garden City, NY.  Juror:  Tina Kukielski, Whitney Museum of American Art


  • Cade Fine Arts Center, Anne Arundel Community College, “Errata: the roles of errors and misinterpretation in contemporary art” Juried Exhibition, Arnold MD.
    Juror:  Thom Collins, Contemporary Museum, Baltimore.
  • Barrett Art Center, “New Directions ’04” Juried Exhibition, Poughkeepsie, NY.
    Juror:  Tina Kukielski, Whitney Museum of American Art.
  • Slought Foundation, “Back to the Front” Juried Exhibition, Philadelphia, PA.
    Jurors:  Judith Stein, Art Writer, David Slovic, Architect, Oswaldo Romberg, Artist.
  • Allegany Arts Council Saville Gallery, 5th Annual Will’s Creek Survey 2004
    Juried Exhibition, Cumberland, MD.  Juror:  Elizabeth Thomas, Carnegie Museum of Art.
  • Phillips Museum of Art, Franklin & Marshall College, Tri-State Artist’s Equity Annual Juried Exhibition, Lancaster, PA.
    Juror: Nancy Miller Batty, Delaware Art Museum.
  • Pleiades Gallery 22nd Annual Juried Exhibition, New York, NY.  Juror: Tracey Bashkoff, Guggenheim Museum.


  • 1986
    Art Student’s League of New York
  • 1993
    University of the Arts, Philadelphia


  • Member, Body Weather Laboratory. Tokyo, Japan
  • Maijuku Performance Company. Tokyo, Japan


  • International Sculpture Center
  • Art Student’s League of New York
  • Philadelphia Sculptors


  • 2004 Yvonne Perret Award, for “Yantra,” 5th Annual Will’s Creek Survey
    Juror:  Elizabeth Thomas, Carnegie Museum of Art.
  • 1992 Waring-Eiseman Society






  • Emerald Mountain Foundation, New York
  • Victor Barall Private Collection, New York
  • Dina Ghen Private Collection, New York
  • Roberta Strickler Private Collection, Baltimore