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Ernesto Hume

cedros # 10
none, 51370, Venezuela
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Phone: (722)190 82 60

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Ernesto Hume Santa Coloma was born in Mexico City in 1953. 


From 1974 to 1979 he studied Sculpture in the Academia de San Carlos of the National Autonomous University of Mexico; at the Painting ans Sculpture School La Esmeralda  and in the  Research and Plastic Experimentation Investigation Centre of the National Institute of Fine Arts in Mexico (INBA). 

In 1993 he studied a Diploma in Landscape Architecture at the Iberoamerican University. 


His first sculpture exhibition was in 1984, at the Aliance Francaise in Mexico. Then in 1984 “Relieve Mural” was exhibited in the José Guadalupe Posada Gallery and in 1986 “Campo Modular” was exhibited in the José María Velasco Gallery, both galleries belonging to the National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA).

In 1987, Mr Hume exhibits the sculpture “Constelaciones Modulares (5 - T)” in the Art Museum Carrillo Gil, and “Paisaje y Estructura” was exhibited in 1992, at the Research Institute Dr. José María Luis Mora. 


He has participated in various collective exhibitions: The Three First Encounters of Young Art 81, 82 and 83 (Los tres Primeros Encuentros de Arte Joven) at the Triennial Sculpture National Halls 82, 85 and 88; Three Dimensions 20 Expressions (Tres Dimensiones 20 Expresiones) 1988; Vertientes del Siglo XX, 1994 and 12 Sculptors at the end of the Millennium (12 Escultores  Finimilenaristas en México), 1998 at the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City. 


His work has been included in the Mexican Sculpture exhibition “De la Ruptura al Geometrismo” 2001, at the Fine Arts Palace.


In 1985 the INBA granted his work a Prize of Honour at the Triennial National Hall of Sculpture. 

He was also granted the Mex-AM Fellowship Award in Vermont Studios Center, US.    


He was invited to participate at the Second International Sculpture Encounter in Chetumal City, Quintana Roo in 2003. 


He also participated at the First International Biennial Exhibition in León, Mexico. In this exhibition his sculpture Unidos por la Paz won the first prize (given unanimously by the jury).


In 2008 he had participation at the International Symposium in Stainless Steel in Tultepec, in Mexico. 


He has Public and Urban Sculptures, in a great format and integrated into the Architecture of the environment. 

Some of his work also belongs to public collections in different museums: Museo de la Secretaría de Hacienda, Art Museum Carrillo Gil, Modern Art Museum, in Mexico City and the Abstract Art Museum in Zacatecas, amongst others.