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Kate Raudenbush

Phone: 646-498-3636

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Kate Raudenbush is a New York-based, Burning Man-bred artist. Her large-scale allegorical environments are created as an experiential space for elevated human connection, and offer a visual set piece for social and personal dialogue. Mixing visual symbolism cross-culturally within human history and mythology, geometry and architecture, her art finds inspiration within the micro and macro viewpoints of our natural and manufactured worlds. She utilizes welded and laser-cut metal, acrylic, mirror, sound and light to shape her designs into large-scale, climbable, enveloping environments and sacred spaces that are given more meaning with each visitor’s participation. In this way, the artwork is not just an object to behold, but also an experience to be lived.

Her work references and weaves together such diverse sources as sacred geometry, creation myths, Native American art, Mayan architecture, DNA strands, water, time, computer circuitry, Buddhist symbolism, environmental sustainability, and meditation.... Through-out human history, creative expression has been - and will continue to be - the greatest indicator of an evolved society, showing an awareness of its own identity, belief systems, and connection to a spiritual presence. Her work’s motivating force is an endeavor to create art and experience that both questions and informs, includes and elevates. It is an attempt to foster an awareness of our evolving humanity and our relationship with our earth that will resonate with the evolving conscience of our collective culture.

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Her sculpture is in the permanent collection of the Nevada Museum of Art, (Guardian of Eden), the Art Valley Sculpture Park in South Korea and includes publicly and privately commissioned works for performances, events and public sculpture, such as The International Sculpture Festa in Seoul S. Korea, the city of San Francisco, The Reno Arts and Culture Commission,The Art Basel Switzerland and  Art Southhampton Fairs, the Black Rock Arts Foundation. she is also saut after to create art for the countries biggest art and music festivals Mysteryland Festival in the Netherlands, Virgin Mobile Free Fest, Maker Faire NYC,  The Electric Daisy Carnival, AEG live, Electric Zoo Music Festival, Escape to New York Festival, The Figment Festival in NYC, Lightning in a Bottle in LA, and Alex’s Grey’s CoSM Art Sanctuary. Over the last 8 years, Kate has had the pleasure of creating large-scale commissioned artworks for the legendary Burning Man event. in the Nevada desert.

Actively involved at The Nationals Arts Club and the Sculptor’s Guild in New York, Kate is also an advisory board member of the Black Rock Arts Foundation in San Francisco. She is a featured artist in a documentary book about Burning Man artwork here. A sample interview about her purpose and process can be found here.