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Ann Chahbandour

2211 Rittenhouse Square
Philadelphia, PA 19103, U.S.A.
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Phone: 215 545 1002     Fax: 215 545 1002

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Ann Chahbandour

Artist’s Statement



Inspiration for the form and content of my work comes from various cultures and disciplines including mythology, decorative arts, religion and theatre, all of which are endowed with their own unique symbolism and history.


Personal narratives inform these sources as I recreate visual artifacts in a variety of materials; stone, wood, bronze, mosaics and ceramics.


As transformation is at the heart of my work, these forms acquire new meaning  and encouraging questions concerning issues of intentionally and function.


At first glance, my work appears to be  playful but  closer observation  reveals a dark edge which dares one to imagine what lies beyond the evident. 


Chahbandour received an MFA in sculpture at the School of the Art Insitiute of Chicago and completed an independent study at Rhode Island School of Design. Among numerous grants and awards, she received a Fulbright to study stone in Italy. Her work has been shown extensivly in exhibitions both here and abroad.