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James Florschutz

47 Brook St
Newfane, VT 05345, U.S.A.
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Phone: 802-365-7744

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I create mixed-media, assemblage sculptures using diverse resources including wood, rubber, tar and slate, often integrating them with culturally iconographic detritus such as electronics, pens, bibles or reading glasses. 
My process is a spontaneous, intuitive cadence of layering and editing with the intention of exposing society's dependence and impact on the environment. By mining my surroundings, both natural and domestic, I conduct private archaeological investigations that ultimately overlay order onto a seemingly chaotic world.
When I get ideas for a sculpture, I'll often record them with drawings in my sketchbook for months, weeks, even years before I begin creating the actual object. Likewise, as I'm sculpting I'll also do drawings that are stimulated by that particular project.
I salvage anything that has been used and discarded in my scope, whether by-products from a construction zone or items slated for the recycling or trash. Eventually it all makes its way to my studio where I will loosely build objects onto a grid framework by stapling, screwing, gluing or nailing so that the sculpture evolves layer by layer.
There are elements of both daring and reverence in my process, in which complex dialogues inexorably emerge between environmental sites and my inner sensibilities.

When I compress familiar artifacts excavated from life into contemporary reliquaries, I am constructing fertile comments on humanity that force us to examine the nature of consumption and our role in the consumption of nature.