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Humaira Abid

Renton, WA , U.S.A.
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                                          HUMAIRA ABID                   




Impelled to contribute to art and society with an unusually creative and productive life




-       Visiting Assistant Professor, National College of Arts, Lahore. Pakistan 2006–2007

-       Teacher-in-charge of 2nd year Sculpture, NCA, February 2003-4

-    Visiting sculpture lecturer, National College of Arts, April 2001-2006

-       Visiting Assistant Professor, School of the Visual Arts, Beaconhouse National University

-       Curated Student’s Exhibition, Co-opera Art Gallery, Lahore

-       Co-curated “Contemporary Chronicles”, Art-Alive Gallery, New Delhi, India, Sept.-Oct.2005

-       Curated “An Alternative Vision” solo show by Sandeep Biswas (India) at Nairang Art Gallery,

-       Lahore, November 2006

-       Curated “Layerings/ Entaglements” solo show by Shivani aggarwal (India) at Rohtas Art Gallery, Lahore, November 2006





-       LULLABY solo show, Rohtas ll, Lahore, Khaas Art Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan and

-       Show case Art Gallery, Dubai Nov. 2009 - Jan. 2010

-       LOVE GAMES solo show, Sandra Phillips Art Gallery, Denver, USA, Jul – Aug 2007.

-       INNER CONCERTO solo sculpture show, Canvas Art Gallery, Karachi, May 2006

-       DIRECTIONS: Solo sculpture exhibition, V.M Art Gallery, Karachi, Sept. 2004

-       ROSE RELATIONSHIPS, solo sculpture exhibition, Rohtas II, Lahore; and Khaas Art Gallery, Islamabad, April-May 2004

-     HIDDEN PERSPECTIVES: Solo sculpture exhibition, Rohtas II, Lahore, March 2003


-       Women and Art 2010, Sharjah Art Museum, Sharjah, UAE; Jan.-Feb. 2010

-       Five Women Show, Rohtas ll, Lahore, Pakistan, Aug. 2009

-       Group exhibition, National Art Gallery, Islamabad, Aug. – Oct. 2007

-       Group exhibition, Kuona Trust, Naivasha, Kenya, March, 2007

-       Art For a Noble Cause, Group exhibition, Ejaz Art Gallery, Lahore, October 2005

-       Contemporary Chronicles, in Miniature – Art from Pakistan and India: Art-Alive Gallery New Delhi, India, September-October 2005

-       Group exhibition, Sarawak Museum, Kuching, Malaysia, September 2005

-       Group exhibition, Ejaz Art Gallery, Lahore, November 2004

-    PARTAGE international artists’ exhibition, MGI, Mauritius, July 2004

-       Scope X, NCA faculty exhibition, Zahoor ul Akhlaque Gallery, April 2003

-       Negotiating Borders: Contemporary Miniatures from Pakistan: Group exhibition, Siddharta Art Gallery, Kathmandu, Nepal, March-April, 2003

-       Group exhibition Canvas Gallery, Karachi, January 2003

-       Group exhibition Rohtas I, Islamabad, October 2002

-       Group exhibition, Rohtas II, Lahore, September, 2002

-       Group exhibition, Gallery NCA, National College of Arts, March 2001

-       Punjab Artists’ Association Exhibition, Lahore Arts Council, Feb-March 2001



 -       Honours Graduate, National College of Arts, Lahore.

     Major: Sculpture. Double Minor: Miniature Painting. Dec. 2000



-       Bolivia Art Biennial, La Paz, Bolivia, Oct. – Nov. 2009

-       International Wood sculptors Symposium, Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany, June, 2008

-       2nd,International Women Artists Workshop, Kenya, March 2007

-       Artist in residence, Europos Parkas, Museum of central Europe, Lithuania, August, 2006

-       Sculpture Symposium, Sarawak Museum, Kuching, Malaysia, Aug.-Sep. 2005

-       Artist in residence, Garhi Artists’ Studios, Lalitkala Academy, New Delhi, India, Oct.–Dec. 2004

-       PARTAGE,International Artists Workshop, Flic en Flac, Mauritius, July 2004



·       Lecture/slide presentation at Sandra Phillips Art Gallery, 20th July 2007, Denver, Colorado.

·       Lecture/slide presentation organized by Kuona Trust, March 2007, Naivasha, Kenya.

·       Lecture/slide presentation at Stonearium, 16 Feburary 2007, Seattle, Washington.

·       Lecture/slide presentation, Whidbey Island, 14 Feburary 2007, Washington.

·       Lecture/slide presentation organized by Stone sculpture association, 12 Feburary 2007, Eugene, Oregon.

·       Lecture/slide presentation at Creativity Centre, 7 Feburary 2007, Bainbridge Island, Washington.

·       Lecture/slide presentation hosted by Sculpture Pursuit magazine, 22nd January 2007, Denver, Colorado.

·       Lecture/slide presentation at Loveland Museum, January 2007, Colorado.

·       Lecture/slide presentation organized by Malaysian Delphic association, August 2005, Kuching, Malaysia.

·       Lecture/slide presentation at Garhi artist Village, New Delhi, 2nd December 2004, India.

·       Lecture/slide presentation at Chitrakala Parishat School of Art, November 2004, Bangalore, India.

·       Lecture/slide presentation organized by PARTAGE, 15 July 2004, Flic en flac, Mauritius.



·       Humaira celebrates womanhood in woodwork (The News, Pakistan, Nov. 17, 2009)

·       Sentiments sculpted (Dawn, November 27, 2009)

·       Material Concerns (The News, November 8, 2009)

·       Sculpting a lullaby (Daily Times, November 7, 2009)

·       Exhibition of wood sculptures at Rohtas (Dawn, Pakistan, November 7, 2009)

·      Wood Made Good (Book: ‘Journeys of the Spirit, Pakistani Art in the New Millennium’ by Salwat Ali, Published 2008).

·      Profis schaffen exotische Skulpturen (BLICK, Germany, June 18, 2008).

·      Humaira Abid, Eloquent Expressions in Sculpture and Painting

(Sculptural Pursuit Magazine, USA, Summer Issue 2007)

·      The wooden look (The News, Pakistan, May 28, 2006)

·      Of birds and birdsongs (Dawn Gallery, Pakistan, June 3, 2006)

·      Flights of Fantasy (Newsline, Pakistan, June 2006).

·      Miniature linkages (Hindustan Times, India, Sep 28, 2005)

·      Iron willed (India Today, India, September 2005)

·      Connections (Outlook Raves, Malaysia, August 8, 2005)

·      Carving a niche (The Hindu, India, November 16, 2004)

·      Chip off the block (Friday Times, Pakistan, October 8-14, 2004)

·      Creative directions (The News, Pakistan, September 25, 2004)

·      Moving in all directions (Dawn Gallery, Pakistan, September 25, 2004)

·      The language of images (The News, Pakistan, May 9, 2004)

·      Humaira’s wonderful world of wood sculptures goes on display (The News International, Pakistan, April 28, 2004)

·      Rose Relationships (The Nation, Pakistan, April 23, 2004)

·      Egged on by passion (Dawn Gallery, Pakistan, April 12, 2003)

·      Beginning with the egg (The News, Pakistan, March 23, 2003)

·      The Wisdon in Wood (NEWSMONTH, Pakistan, March 2003)