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William Stone

67 W. Paddock St.
Crystal Lake, IL 60014, U.S.A.
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Tenets of Sculpture

   Sculpture is the making of objects.   Stone carving is manual labor, making an object from the ancient stone.    One must admire the material and like the work for it is time consuming and does not yield results easily.   Upon completion the object is "there", forever, and that is satisfying to me.

   During the carving of a piece I spend a great deal of time seeking the flow of forms which seem to become inevitable for that piece.   The result is a combination of conscious and unconscious decisions, an object with a "presence" of its own.

   My sculpture has to do with forms that evoke thoughts and emotions that I believe are common to all people.   The shapes that I render are meant to draw on feelings that had meaning in pre-history and are just as meaningful today.

   The forms in my sculpture most often have a relationship to the human figure, but they are abstract and re-combined.   My sculpture deals with shapes and ideas that have an emotional and intellectual content for me.   My hope is that the content of a piece is not superficial in nature, and that people will value looking at it over time.



Born: Detroit, Michigan 1934.

Education:  BFA, 1962, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan.

Represented by:   Perception Gallery, 7 Ionia St., Grand Rapids, MI  49503.                    

                                  Rebecca Boylan, 3564 Farnam St., Omaha, NE 68131.

Exhibitions:      1992:   Rankin Art Gallery (two-person show).  Ferris State University,

                                        Big Rapids, Michigan.

                           1991:   Michigan Outdoor Sculpture III, (invitational), Southfield, Michigan.

                           1990:   Perception Gallery (Group Show), Grand Rapids, Michigan.

                                        Overbrook Art Gallery (One-man Show), Muskegon Community  

                                        College, Muskegon, Michigan.

                                         Michigan Annual  XVIII,  The Art Center,  Mt. Clemens, Michigan.

                            1989:  Michigan Outdoor Sculpture II, (invitational), Southfield, Michigan.

                                        Michigan Annual XVII, The Art Center, Mt. Clemens, Michigan. 

                                        Joslyn Art Museum Sales Gallery (Two-person show), Omaha, NE

                            1988:  2nd Annual Michigan Art Competition, Holland Arts Council,  

                                         Holland, Michigan.

                                         Michigan Stone (invitational), Michigan Gallery, 

                                         Detroit, Michigan.  

                             1987:  Hayden Museum Gallery (Two-person show),

                                         Lincoln, NE

                                         Models, Maquettes and Studies (invitational),

                                         Illinois State Museum, Springfield, Illinois.

                     Pre-1987:  Illinois Dept. of Transportation (Two-person show), Springfield.

                                         Illinois Invitational, Illinois State Museum, Springfield.

                                         Galex Exhibition, Galesburg, Illinois.

                                          28th Annual Quincy Art Club Show, Quincy, Illinois.