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Pokey Park

6396 N. Desert Wind Circle
Tucson, AZ 85750, U.S.A.
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  Brunswick, Georgia, February 19, 1941


Selected Exhibitions:

    Mills Pond House Gallery, Smithtown Township Arts Council, St. James, NY, 11/8/08-


   Art- the First Language, N.A.W.A. Florida Chapter, Northwood University, W. Palm Beach,

     FL, 12/8/08-2/5/09

   Public Art Experience, Montrose, CO 8/2008-8/

   Washburn University Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, Topeka, KS, 8/2008-7/2009

   Art for the Mountain Community Sculpture Walk, Evergreen, CO, 6/2008-6/2009

   Courthouse Galleries, Outdoor Sculpture 2008, Portsmouth, VA, 2/12/08-10/12/08

   Sculpture on Main, Marble Falls, TX, 10/2007-10/2009 

   Sculpture Walk, Sheridan, WY, 6/2007-6/2009

   Sculpture Walk, Sioux Falls, SD, 5/2007-5/2009

   Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, Hamilton, OH, 6/2006-11/2009

   Avenues of Art, Mayor's Art Council, Gillette, WY, 6/2006-2009

   Sculptors Dominion Monumental Invitational, San Antonio, TX, 2006-4/2009

   Goggle Works, N.A.W.A., Reading, PA, 8/24/08-9/28/08

   Amsterdam Whitney International Gallery, 2008 Exhibition. NY, NY, 5/8/08-5/27/08

   Impressions, Multi Media Exhibition, West Palm Beach, FL, 11/12/07-2/7/08

   Art of Art, Coral Springs Museum of Art, N.A.W.A., Coral Springs, FL, 11/28/07-1/2/08

   Personal Landscapes, N.A.W.A., Longview Museum of Fine Arts, Longview, TX,

     Sept 18-October 24, 2007

   Sculpture in the Park, Loveland, Colorado, August 10-12, 2007

   Response to the Muse, N.A.W.A. Florida Chapter, Armory Art Center, W. Palm

     Beach, Florida, April 23-May 14, 2007

   Pot Pourri, N.A.W.A. Florida Chapter, Cornell Museum of Art and History, Delray 

     Beach, Florida, March 22- June 4, 2007

   Artexpo, Booth 467, Javits Convention Center, NYC, March 1-5, 2007

   New Members Exhibition, National Association of Women Artists Gallery, NYC,

     March 5-28, 2007

   Women’s Perspective, N.A.W.A. Florida Chapter, Art League of Marco Island,

     Florida, March 4-28, 2007

   Jane Hamilton Fine Art, Exhibition and Demonstration, April 23, 2006

   South Eastern Sculpture Competition, Aiken County Historical Museum, Aiken,

     South Carolina, Spring 2006

   ASLA, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 2005



  Fine Art Magazine, Spring 2008

 Telluride Style Magazine, Saluting an Extraordinary Sculptor- Pokey Park, Winter/Spring  


 The SourceBook of Architectural & Interior Art 21, 22, 23





  Apponaganset Vineyard, South Dartmouth, Massachusetts

  Chanticleer Arboretum, Wayne, Pennsylvania*

  Freedom Valley Bank, West Chester and Media, Pennsylvania

  Private gardens: AZ, CA, CO, MA, PA



   Impressions, N.A.W.A., FL, NU Jeannette Hare Art Gallery, W. Palm Beach, FL, Honorable

    Mention, 2008

   Pot Pourri, N.A.W.A. Florida Chapter, Cornell Museum of Art and History, Delray 

    Beach, Florida, Spring 2007, First Place:  “I've Been Kissed, Too”

  Response to the Muse, N.A.W.A. Florida Chapter, Armory Art Center, W. Palm

    Beach, Florida, Spring 2007, Best in show: “Shaman”

  Southeastern Sculpture Competition, Aiken County Historical Museum, April 2006,                

    Second place: “Midnight Serenade”- Midnight Stomp Series.

  Third Annual Sculpture Competition, Sculptural Pursuit Magazine Industry  

    Award: “Midnight Serenade”, featured in July fall 2006 issue, Direct Dimensions layout.


Represented by:

  Black Bear Trading Co., 567 Mountain Village Blvd. Ste. 107B, Telluride, CO, 81435

  Karin Newby Gallery and Sculpture Garden, Mercado de Baca, Box 4217, Tubac,   

    Arizona 85646

  Lumina Gallery and Sculpture Garden, 11 State Road 230, Taos, New Mexico 87571

  Smith Klein Gallery, 1116 Pearl St., Boulder, CO 80302                     

  The Jane Hamilton Gallery, 1825 East River Road, Suite 111, Tucson, Arizona 85718



  Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Colorado, Arizona, Pennsylvania, 

  Washington, D.C., California, New York, Vermont, Oregon, Florida and




  Arizona Committee for the National Museum of Women in the Arts, P.O. Box 1074, Sedona, 

    AZ, 86339

  Friends of Western Art, P.O. Box 64730, Tucson, AZ 85728

  International Sculpture Center, 14 Fairgrounds Road, Suite B, Hamilton, New Jersey


  National Association of Women Artists, 80 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1405, New York, New  

    York 10011

  National Association of Women Artists, Florida Chapter, 10316 Crosby Place, Port St.

    Lucie, Florida 34986

  National Museum of Women in the Arts, 1250 New York Avenue, N.W., Washington,

    DC 20005-3970

  National Sculpture Society, 237 Park Ave., New York, NY, 10017

  Washington Sculptures Group, P.O. Box 42534, Washington, DC 20015


Teaching Positions:

  Miss Hewitt School, New York, New York, Art 1964

  Island Art Center, Saint Simons Island, Georgia. Ceramics 1963

  Boys Club, Athens, Georgia, Ceramic Art 1962-1963






  Taos Institute of the Arts, Taos, New Mexico. Ratablo Painting Workshop 2002

  Taos Institute of the Arts, Taos, New Mexico. Cold Cast Techniques 2000

  Taos Institute of the Arts, Taos Pueblo, Taos, New Mexico. Pottery, Story Teller Doll 

    Workshop 2000

  Taos Institute of the Arts, Taos, New Mexico. Plein Air Pastels, 1996

  University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia. Graduate studies in ceramics and sculpture


  University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia. Bachelor of Fine Art, Ceramics and sculpture,

    Leonard De Longa, bronze casting 1963

  Pond Farm Pottery, Guerneville, California, Marguerite Wildenhain, summer

    workshop in throwing techniques 1962

  Bill Hendrix, Island Art Center, Saint Simons Island, Georgia. Drawing and Painting


  Bess Watson, Saint Simons Island, Georgia.  Drawing and Painting, 1948-1955


Travel Education:  

  I use art and its application to understand different cultures.  In each place I study

  the art found in ancient ruins, museum collections, local markets, and artist studios.

  I visit with local artists, watch them work, what tools they use, and observe their  

  techniques.  I find local material to bring back to my studio for future use.  I seek out

  remote areas of undisturbed wilderness to observe wildlife in a natural setting.  I draw   

  and photograph as a later reference wherever I am.


Places Traveled:

 Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, New Zealand, Egypt, Yugoslavia, Turkey,  

 Greece, Greek Islands, Venice, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, France , Spain,  

 Portugal, Madera, Belgium, Italy, Malta, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, Sweden,  

 Norway, Finland, The Netherlands, The Arctic, Baffin Island, The Aleutian Islands,

 Canada, Alaska, Bahamian and Virgin Islands, San Juan Islands Mexico, Guatemala,

 Honduras, Costa Rica, Cuba, South America, Africa, and China.


Bodies of Work:

  Mouse-Rat: Bronze casting, 2007. Curved form influenced by the rounded shapes of

  Japanese ojime-netsuke art.  As a subject for ojime, the rat represented a wish for

  good fortune. It was worn as a talisman for protection from evil and as an amulet for

  bringing wealth and happiness.


 Totem: Bronze castings (74” with base) 2007, (7 inch casting, 1999). Series of intertwined

 animals symbolizing mystic powers, stimulated by studies of Alaska, Aleutian

 Islands and Canadian carving. Traveled by ferry, train, plane and kayak to visit  

 remote villages and animals on pack ice to observe and photograph.


 Alter Ego: Bronze casting, 2007.  Many cultures believe an object, animal, or person gains 

 additional attributes through transformation- changing form.  This bull and owl together

 combine the strength of the bull and the wisdom of the owl.


 Tortoise series: Bronze castings, 2006.  I've used tortoises with “an attitude” to

 portray different proverbs.  The tortoises in this series assume unique postures

 depending on what they feel.  I've played with the different textures to separate

 surface areas.




 Toad Series: Bronze castings, 2006. These started as an enlargement of one of my

 chess pieces - “The Bishop”.  As 30” and 18” sculptures it took on a different 

 personality and reminded me of other people who behave like toads.  After

 considering this one's character,  I rejected  my first title (“My Ex Husband”) and

 settled on “I’ve Been Kissed” and “I've Been Kissed Too”.  This Toad is very satisfied

 just as he is.  The kisses have only begun a partial transformation of his hands. These

 titles are also a play on the old fable “Kiss me and I will turn into a prince.”


 Mountain Lion Series: Bronze castings, 2006.  These started as an enlargement of a

 smaller piece I did in 1995.  I wanted a larger sculpture to refine the curves and flow

 of lines and to play with shadows and textures.  These sculptures are a continuing

 flow of curves.


 The Shaman: Bronze casting, 2006.  A 40” raven wrapped in a button robe, standing

 on a rocky shore who has just discovered turquoise stones at his feet.  He has picked

 one up in his beak.  This sculpture idea is a composite of myths from different Native

 American cultures.


 William's Secret Garden: Bronze casting, 2005. A life size child holding a rabbit

 surrounded by  playing rabbits from the “Nibbles Series”.  This sculpture is about a

 magical place that exists  for all of us where there is trust and peace.


 Nibbles Series: Bronze castings, rabbit antics, 2004-2005.  I have a pet rabbit living  

 in my studio garden that I use as a  model, both for the convoluted positions he  

 achieves and  his displays of pure joy.  Even though he is very low on the food chain,

 he is always curious and ready for another adventure.


Midnight Stomp: Bronze castings, dancing birds, 2003-2005.  This series was designed to express the joy of a celebration.  I imagined the birds having their private party in the moonlight, stomping and whooping and having a grand old time.  One bird chooses "The Electric Side", one chooses to "Twist and Shout", one chooses a "Midnight Serenade" and another chooses to "Strut on Out".  I made the first models for these in a Taos pewter casting workshop.


Spirits from Within: Green-stone carvings, 1988-1992.  Spirit carvings (figures, crabs, fish, porpoises, whales) stimulated by the studies of Arctic global cultural connections and circumpolar environmental issues.  I visited with and collected stone from Baffin Island artists, traveled by plane and dog sled to remote areas, and lived out on the ice. Attended United Nations Environment Program, 1989.


Celebration: Bronze castings, vase series, 2002-2004.  The different plant designs and stones are representative of magical qualities or represent a particular location. One design uses Sea Oats, Beach Morning Glory and is set with pearls, all for the association with a beach and the month of June.  All have conch shell shaped bases.  I used this shell because it reminds me of a poem fragment I love: “Why do I hear waves, why, oh why does a shell roar?"  Did you know you can hear waves in a conch shell?  When I am on a beach I am washed clean with each rolling wave swept out and reborn from the sea.  Yet I am as old as each grain of sand and all the patterns of life I find in shells and driftwood.   A beach feels like a microcosm of all life.






Earth Mothers: Small pewter and bronze casting, carved stones, 2001. I needed to create symbols of universal fertility, regeneration and renewal.  I chose The Mother Goddess as it is the most ancient. The Mother Goddess is represented as:  Hathor, a cow headed maiden in Egypt, as a Uni (a receiving basin) in Cambodia, as a Corn Maiden in the Southwest, as a Sleeping Lady in Neolithic ruins in Malta and as a Snake Goddess in  Mycenaean art.  This grounds my feet to Mother Earth and lets my spirit soar into the sky.


Transformation Panels: Bronze Panels, 2000.  A lion and alligator in the process of transforming into human form.  Many cultures believe an object, animal or person gains additional attributes by changing forms.  Even Alexander the Great used a lion on his helmet to reap the lion's power.  The alligator has the ability to survive great environmental challenges, symbolizing longevity.  I have drawn and photographed many alligators while canoeing and camping in the tidal creeks of Georgia and the Okefenokee Swamp.  I have had the opportunity to photograph mountain lions in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Colorado, and Arizona as I like to hike in these mountains areas.


Out of the Nest:  Alabaster carvings, 1985-1990.   A series of bird and rodent carvings.  Stimulated by studies of light shining through different thicknesses of the stone.  European Romanesque ruins have thick alabaster slab windows.  Translucent quality of the stone used in my designs.  Collected alabaster in Europe.


Taurus: Bulls.  Marble carvings and a series of clay sculptures, 1985.  Stimulated by the use of the Bull symbol in Roman, Aegean and Egyptian art.  Experimented with combining different stones in one carving.  Visited historic quarries in mainland Greece, the Greek Islands, and Italy and collected stone.  I visited Praxiteles' spirit in the ruins at Olympia, the Oracle at Delphi, the sanctuary of Delos.  Traveled by bus and sailboat.


Family Portraits: Bronze busts and plaques, 1971-73.  Studies of children.  I continually draw and photograph to capture a passing moment for my Portraits.


Birds of Prey: Clay Tiles, 1968-1971.  Studies of Hawks in Bahamian and Virgin Islands collected Georgia and Florida clay.  Traveled by sailboat. 


After the Maya: Clay Tiles, 1964-1974.  Studies of Mayan, Aztec and Inca Masks. Comparison of pre-Columbian cultures and the different properties of regional clays. Traveled to jungles and villages of Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and Peru.  Collected local clay for tiles, traveled by canoe, hiked.


Dancers: Bronze castings, 1963-1964.  Bronze figures dressed as warriors, singers and dancers.


For The Children:  Stoneware Puppets, 1962-1963.  Stoneware and cloth.


  * co-operative commission with Lynn Claytor