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Michael Dillon

14250 Birmingham Hwy.
Atlanta, GA 30004, U.S.A.
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Phone: 770 649 8012

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 Forging iron and carving stone exposes a shape and texture revealing an object “worked by Hand.” Heating metal red hot allows me to control this material in its briefly malleable state to create fluid and graceful structures. Using large industrial forging hammers I can impart power and force into the surface of the material captured with a life span of centuries.  Carving stone is also a process of mark making, expressive and eternal, this massive material is static and is in contrast  with the linear nature of my metal.

I feel that kinetic movement offers a different level to sculpture. My focus is on kinetic sculpture that involves physical human interaction. When people first view my work, they may not notice that it has the ability to move. The excitement for the viewer is the discovery that the piece does indeed have the ability to move, and they themselves are the catalyst for this movement. The viewer can then decide to interact with the piece, and most do. I believe my sculptures develop a personality through this interaction. When a person is involved physically with a piece, the sculpture can incorporate their personalty by when and how it is moved.  When the sculpture has stopped, it is up to each  individual to either accept its change or to set it into motion again.  This interaction with my sculpture brings it to life and creates an ever-changing dialogue that crosses cultural and socioeconomic boundaries.