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James Sagui

820 25th street #4
West Palm Beach, FL 33407, U.S.A.
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Phone: 561 833 0252     Fax: 561 833 0252

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 I have always loved the process involved in building & carving. Working with wood is a technical challenge and the learning curve is long & often tedious yet equally rewarding. One of the objectives in my career was to master the craft of woodworking which in turn provides me with more freedom and choice of what (and how) I can build and carve. 

My personal aesthetic is ever-changing. I have evolved into primarily sculptural work because this is where I can give more personality to a piece. Having a carving tool in one's hand, working the wood, one is connected by the chisel much like one is connected to paper with pen or pencil. I use traditional carving tools because of my training in traditional woodworking, the historical connection and because of what I feel to be a spiritual link between the material, the tool and the creator.

My sculptural work is often my personal commentary on the human condition. I believe that the more technically advanced we become, the greater the urgency for people to make things with their hearts, hands and minds...