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Birgit Faustmann

482 Vaquero Lane
Santa Barbara, CA 93111, U.S.A.
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For most of my sculptures I use plywood. But I also occasionally use felt or acrylic glass. Sometimes I cover parts of the work with sheet metal or paint.

My work is very constructive in its approach. Simple overlapping processes create complex shapes which give rise to visual surprises when viewed from different  perspectives.

The general point of departure is a two-dimensional ground plan, projected into the third dimension. The resulting forms in these works are geometric in nature and are raised into three-dimensional space by layering, folding, rotation and sequential progression, thereby engendering e.g. a pyramid, a cone, a helix etc. Each ground plan comprises four forms of the same type, which practically display an excerpt of a movement. The forms derive from four squares and four circles. Wherever a circle meets a square, the two penetrate each other and generate negatives, cut-outs, that continue into the surrounding space. In earlier realisations of this principle, the squares and the circles each lined up on straight axes; however, the later works permit the squares and circles to sometimes go different ways and relate to each other in ever varying constellations. In my newest work the focus is more on a slow change in a single object.