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Kenneth Rowe


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Since I opened Leviathan Arts, L.L.C. in late 2008, I have been creating a varied body of work that opens the viewers eyes to a world of both simple but compelling sinuous sculptures in addition to complicated beasts, the likes of which are not often seen outside of nightmares. My artwork does not seek to transform viewers intellectual disposition towards the world we live in, but rather I intend to strike at the emotional center of the viewer in order to transport them to a universe through which creatures of this sort can become real.

For my part, the goal of my art is in fact the process by which I create it. Working with the fire, the most basic component of my craft, begins to take on meaning over time as my relationship with it grows. Every burn and every scar on my arm is simply a historical record of this relationship and the almost animalistic nature that flame embodies. This quality, coupled with the industrial tools by which I must harness it, bears itself out in the work that I create.