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Steve Maloney

PO BOX 7230
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067, U.S.A.
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Phone: 858-756-4088

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My art reflects my fascination with velocity, American icons, machine forms, the humor of life itself and, most significantly, pop culture. I employ bold colors in a style that brings wondering amazement, joy and levity to the everyday world. It is exhilarating to create art with real energy and motion, to embrace spontaneity, and to utilize the vibration of colors to express a moment or scene.


By working in a variety of disciplines – painting, sculpture, collage, film, performance – I continuously push beyond my comfort zone, accomplishing artistic goals without being confined to a specific medium.


What motivates me most is the creative process. Whether creating art for a public program, a commission, a new series, or to merely conceptualize future works, I remain passionate, exploring my consciousness and sub-consciousness for striking visual results. You are welcome to view my art on my website:




As a working artist, I have a proven track record at executing two- and three-dimensional works within budget, on time, and installed according to exhibition requirements. My background as a manufacturer of industrial metal tools goes a long way toward this: I know how to build things and am experienced at creating, composing and delivering what I promise. Indeed, I am as proud of my organizational and business skills as I am of the variety and quality of the art I create. To that end, following is a brief overview of some of my recent projects.




My work for four public art projects – Hail Kalamazoo (Kalamazoo, Michigan); Path of the Bighorn Sheep (Palm Springs, California); La Jolla Cow Parade (La Jolla, California); and ArtPrize (Grand Rapids, Michigan) – reveal my understanding of the logistics and process. For each project, I met or exceeded the requirements of the application process. I remained on budget and worked with proper mediums and finishes. And I communicated promptly and clearly with the directors of each project for coordination of delivery.




Two series of my works have resulted in traveling exhibitions, each shown in various museums as well as a New York Fine Art Gallery:


·       This Is Where The Rubber Meets The Road is comprised of 28 sculptural works created from wrecked NASCAR sheet metal. The series was exhibited as a one-man show at the Petroleum Museum in Midland, Texas. Click her for video.

·       It also traveled as a one-man show, first to the Coda Gallery in SoHo, New York, then to the Daytona International Speedway in Daytona, Florida for the 50th Anniversary running of the Daytona 500.  Selected pieces were also installed for a group exhibit at the Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan. A book on the full series is available at

·       I worked closely with many entities and individuals involved with NASCAR resulting in the display of 15 pieces from This Is Where The Rubber Meets The Road at the new NASCAR headquarters in Daytona and Charlotte, North Carolina.


·       My Banned Booty series created from items confiscated by the TSA from carry-on luggage in the wake of 9/11 was shown at the Museum of Flight in Seattle and the Kansas Cosmosphere Museum in Hutchinson, Kansas. I have set up a website dedicated to the ongoing project ( ) and continue to create works with these found objects for future exhibitions.

·       Inspired by my Banned Booty series, I created Banned Booty–Palm Springs Checkpoint in 2012.  The          

      easy to travel installation is housed in a shipping container featuring works from the series while doubling      as a canvas for a retro-style illustration of air passengers on the tarmac ready to board.  Banned Booty-            Palm Springs Checkpoint opened at the Palm Springs Air Museum and will be on view there till May 31,        2013.




I was commissioned to participate in the Lexus Parts Art project. ) Click here for video.

The luxury automaker selected three artists and gave each a vehicle to use to create a contemporary sculpture. A film of the creative process was later used on the company’s broadband website.


I was allowed two weeks from selection to finish the project. During that time, I enlisted the services of the art fabricator Carlson and Company in San Fernando, California.  I look back on the experience as “No Time to Think,” mainly because I had to get it right the first time. Working intuitively, I was able to incorporate the challenges into my design. By using a shipping container as the armature for my sculpture it accentuated the piece and became a metaphor for the fast-paced, global society we live in today. My communication with the fabricator’s staff of engineers, principals, workers and administrators was essential throughout.




Western Michigan University

Michigan State University

Northern Arizona University

American School, Lugano, Switzerland

Studied with Kwok Wai Lau, a past faculty member of the International Art School of Hong Kong, Lecturer at The Art Institute of Chicago, and current faculty member at the Palm Springs Art Museum in California

Born: Kalamazoo, MI

Current Residence: Rancho Santa Fe, CA





2013                Heather James Fine Art, Mid-Career Retrospective, Palm Desert, CA

2012                Palm Springs Air Museum, Banned Booty Palm Springs-Check Point, Palm Springs, CA

2010                Wilkes Bashford, San Francisco, CA

2009                Melissa Morgan Fine Art Gallery, Palm Desert, CA

2009                True Value Hardware Store, Palms Springs, CA

2008                Concourse d’Elegance, Pebble Beach, CA

2008                The Daytona 500 Club, Daytona Beach, FL

2007                Coda Gallery, New York, NY

2007                Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York, NY

2007                Hard Rock Café, New York, NY

2007                CARDOZO School of Law, New York, NY

2007                The Petroleum Museum, Midland, TX

2005                Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center, Hutchinson, KS

2005                Wells Fargo Bank, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

2004                Museum of Flight, Seattle, WA

2004                Wells Fargo Bank, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

2003                Wells Fargo Bank, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

2003                International Boat Show, Fort Lauderdale, FL

2002                San Diego County Fair’s Elvis-themed Exhibition of Art, Del Mar, CA

2001                Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, Kalamazoo, MI




2013                Artists in Action “Transformative Chairs” coinciding with Antibodies: The Works of Fernando                                  and Humberto Campana 1989 - 2009. Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, CA

2013                Big, The Audacity of Scale, UCR, Palm Desert Campus, CA

2010                Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park, Grand Rapids, MI

2010                The Gilmore Car Museum, Hickory Corners, MI         

2009                Melissa Morgan Fine Art Gallery, Palm Desert, CA

2009                Melissa Morgan Fine Art Gallery, Palm Desert, CA

2008                Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, CA

2007                Palm Springs Art Museum, “Treasures of the West”, Palm Springs, CA

2006                Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, CA

2006                Palm Springs Air Museum, Palm Springs, CA

2005                Palm Springs Air Museum, Palm Springs, CA

2004                Palm Springs Air Museum, Palm Springs, CA

2004                Palm Springs, International Art Fair, Palm Springs, CA

2004                Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, CA

2003                Palm Springs, International Art Fair, Palm Springs, CA

2003                Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, CA

2003                Bella Macchina, Palm Beach, FL

2001                Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, CA



2014                Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, Palm Springs, CA (Artist Spotlight: “Ride-em-Copter” sculpture)

2013                Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, Palm Springs, CA

2012                Art San Diego, San Diego, CA

2007                Bridge Art Fair, Miami, FL

2006                Bridge Art Fair, Miami, FL

2002                Palm Springs International Art Fair, Palm Springs, CA




2008      Outstanding Painting

Palm Springs Art Museum, Juried Exhibition, Palm Springs, CA

2006    Most Creative

            Palm Springs Art Museum, Artist Council Juried Exhibition, Palm Springs, CA

2013    American School in Switzerland (TASIS)-Arts Gala Honoree, Montagnola, Switzerland




2009    La Jolla CowParade, La Jolla, CA

2004    Hail Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, MI

2003      Path of the Bighorn, Palm Springs, CA




2009    Palm Springs International Short Fest – The seven-minute short Palm Springs Charcoal, directed by René    Simon Cruz, uses Steve Maloney’s exhibit at the Palm Springs True Value Hardware to reveal the artist’s        playful take on American consumerism

2006    American School in Switzerland (TASIS)- In Honor of its Golden Anniversary & Spring Arts Festival             Montagnola, Switzerland        

2014    Artist Spotlight Palm Springs Fine Art Fair, Palm Springs, CA








NASCAR corporate headquarters, Charlotte, NC

NASCAR corporate headquarters, Daytona, FL

GRAND AM for Charity Camp Boggy Creek, Las Vegas, NV

Lexus’ “Parts Art”, Concourse d’Elegance, Pebble Beach, CA

Frank Sinatra Celebrity Golf Collection, Rancho Mirage, CA

Kiton, NY

Net Jets Operations Center, Columbus, OH

Scripps Hospital, Encinitas, CA




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