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Melissa Machnee

1889 Wentworth Drive
Canton, MI 48188, U.S.A.
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Melissa Machnee is a sculptor from the Detroit area. In 2008, Melissa received her MFA in Sculpture from Eastern Michigan University. She received her Welding Fabrication Certificate from Schoolcraft Community College in 2007, and in 2002 she received her BFA in Sculpture from Wayne State University. Melissa is currently teaching welding and Metal Sculpture at Schoolcraft Community College. She also serves on the board for the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit. Melissa is a third generation welder. She works primarily with metal and fabrics. Her sculptures suggest similarities between the welding and sewing industries. She uses the raw masculine qualities of the welding industry and nurtures it with the soft feminine qualities of the fashion industry. Along with the industrial influence in Melissa’s work she uses animal images to reference nature and symbolic powers that animals have. She often uses images of bunnies as a reference to innocence, fun and creativity. Melissa is very interested in outdoor sculpture and installation work. She currently has a semi-private sculpture park called The Goose Lake Sculpture Park. She hopes to open it up to other artists work someday.