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Henri Bertrand

20, rue d'En-Haut
Apples, Vaud CH-1143, Switzerland
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Phone: +41218000686

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Artist’s statement

Throughout the ages, erosion and telluric forces, active on a geological scale of time, have been shaping our planet. During all this time, intimately linked to this mineral world, life continues to unfurl the complex profusion of its history.

Among the most recent life forms, humanity has been inscribing its own footprint on the planet Earth, as other species now extinct have done in the past. However, though humanity is subject to the same natural laws as other life forms, it has modified, and continues to modify, the fundamental balance of the planet with a speed and to an extent never before reached, thereby running the risk of endangering its own future.

It is within this framework that my work as a sculptor lies.

My training as a geographer has led me to appreciate the spatial dimension of human activity; my more intuitive artistic perspective has allowed me to visually transpose the feelings inspired by my perception of the world.