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Andy Behrle


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In our search for life throughout the cosmos, we’ve focused our attention on the search for water. The vast majority of our own world is covered with water that is rife with species of animals treasured and many yet to be discovered. While water feeds everything we know to be alive it also has the great power to raze cities and erase histories. There is beauty in this dichotomy. The tranquility of the sea at sunrise is tempered by the humbling vastness of the depths and lengths of the oceans. Waves laps the coast line during calm and wash away entire villages and towns at times of tragedy. The greatness of water takes so many forms.

By creating time-based immersive environments, I try to humbly harness the various manifestations of water as creator/destroyer, visual splendor, and contemplative life force.  For the past 8 years, I have created architectural structures inside gallery spaces to show how water and nature reclaim that which we build. Slow streams of water run down walls and drip from ceilings to erode paths and deposit muddy water onto metal floors- eventually rusting them. The process and results give us pause. These constructs act as symbols of Time’s passing, Existence’s ephemeral essence, and Nature’s control over our world. As a society and people, we have taken great strides to tame the powers of Nature through ingenuity and industry, yet everything we create and leave behind will fall victim to time and the elements.

More recently, I have become enthralled by waves and the use of water waves as tangible reflections of light waves, sound waves, and electrical current. Through low-tech projection devices similar to overhead projectors common in classrooms of yesteryear, I have enhanced the visual experience of water dripping from above into a container of water. The drips cause disturbances in the body of water – waves – that become light patterns on the walls surrounding and the ceiling above the tank. The sound is amplified in the tank becoming an important effect that can be calming or maddening. Immersed in a serene dry fluidity, viewers are freed to contemplate our relationship to the world around us through light, sound, and water.





2003    Master of Fine Arts | Sculpture | Arizona State University | Tempe, Arizona        

1999    Bachelor of Arts | Philosophy & Religion, Studio Art | Elmira College | Elmira, New York





2012    Mary G. Hardin Center for Cultural Arts | Gadsden, Alabama

2012    Andy Behrle: Time-based Sculptures | 621 Gallery | Tallahassee, Florida

2003    ephemera | Harry Wood Gallery | Arizona State University | Tempe, Arizona

2002    transcendence | eye lounge: a contemporary art space | Phoenix, Arizona




2010    Terra Aqua Flora Fauna | Lite Box Gallery | Birmingham, Alabama




2011    Alabama Signatures: Contemporary Expressions | Alabama Artists’ Gallery | Alabama State   Council on the Arts | Montgomery, Alabama

2009    Water: Three States (Phase II) | Auburn University | Auburn, Alabama

2005    Calvin Charles Gallery | Scottsdale, Arizona

            Artemisia | Sedona, Arizona

2004    Art Detour | 315 Central, Phoenix, Arizona

            Arizona Foothills Magazine Designer Showcase House | Paradise Valley, Arizona

            Sedona Showcase | Sedona, Arizona

2003    Established and Emerging |Spanish Village Sculpture Garden | Carefree, Arizona

            Summer Spectacular | Calvin Charles Gallery |Scottsdale, Arizona

2002    Good Things in Small Packages | Asietique | Scottsdale, Arizona

2001    Sufficiently Open-ended | Ice House | Phoenix, Arizona

Leading Indicators | Ice House | Phoenix, Arizona




2008    Dominic Benhura: Stone Sculptures from Zimbabwe | Arizona Museum for Youth | Mesa, Arizona

2006    On a Roll: Art with Wheels | Arizona Museum for Youth | Mesa, Arizona | co-curated by Jeffory Morris



Master Carpenter | Birmingham Children’s Theatre, Birmingham, AL                               2009 - present


Responsible for engineering and constructing scenic backdrops, set environments, and furniture for seven professional traveling and in-house theatrical productions for children per season | Teach various stagecraft workshops to children ages 7-12 | Assist the construction of props | Assist with scenic painting | Maintain workshop


Assistant to Volunteer Coordinator / Preparation Department Assistant | Birmingham Art Museum, Birmingham, AL                                                                                                                                  2009


Temporary installation specialist brought in to help install artwork for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness: American Art from the Yale University Art Gallery | After completion of the installation, worked with the Volunteer Coordinator scheduling volunteer assistants, coordinating school groups, managing ticket sales and sales staff, and assisting with special events.



Museum Exhibits Coordinator | Arizona Museum for Youth, Mesa, AZ                                         2008


Responsible for installation and planning for 5-7 annual exhibits (4-6 in-house productions) | Curator and co-designer for Dominic Benhura: Stone Sculptures from Africa (1500 square foot exhibit) | Workshop Lead –project budgeting, volunteer and support staff organization, workshop equipment maintenance, creation and implementation of timelines & calendars | Exhibition layout assistant | Exhibitions Design Team member | Spearheaded collaborative efforts with two local affiliate museums’ exhibitions departments (Arizona Museum of Natural History and Mesa Contemporary Arts) to share resources – tools, volunteers, display items, and work space | Protective art display design and construction | Design and construction of immersive environments | Responsible for Lutron Systems dimmable computerized lighting board |  Lighting design | Implementation of solid-state memory devices for audio/video displays | Development, design, and construction of “Digital Label Towers”  |  Assist shipping logistics of receiving artwork and artifacts | Workshop (approximately 7500 square feet) and tool maintenance – full woodworking, metal-working, and paint shops | Contact to suppliers and distributors |  Forklift operator


Museum Exhibits Preparator | Arizona Museum for Youth, Mesa, AZ                               2007 – 2008


Lead art handler- artwork installation | Workshop and tool maintenance – woodworking, metal-working, and paint shops | Exhibition furniture, special display, inter-active design and construction | Design and construction of re-useable component inter-active learning stations called “ArtStops” | Design and construction of interactive displays including the use of video monitors, closed-circuit TV cameras, and sound elements | Development, design and construction of low-tech inter-actives vovelle designs, slider door Q&A, CMYK overlay slider, Velcro puzzles, and magnetic game boards | Lighting design | Forklift operator


Museum Exhibits Technician | Arizona Museum for Youth, Mesa, AZ                               2005 – 2007


Co-curator of On a Roll: Art with Wheels (8000 square foot exhibition) | Redesigned lighting system to use UV-free, dimmable, programmable lighting | Exhibition furniture and display construction | Workshop and tool maintenance | Plexiglas case construction | Design and construction of new wall cases | Design and construction of props, exhibition furniture, immersive environments, art-making interactives | Installation assistant | Specialist – Lunar Sample loan currier to Johnson Space Center (NASA), Houston, TX | Lighting design | Forklift operator


Preparator & Facilities Manager | Calvin Charles Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ                                     2004 – 2005


Curatorial duties and artist liaison for 32 exhibitions | Exhibition design and installation for all exhibits | Digital documentation and database entry of permanent and revolving inventory (400-500 works) | Negotiation of artist contract terms | Research and implementation of museum quality storage technologies | Digital design of exhibition supporting materials | Retail website design and upkeep assistant | International shipping and receiving of artwork and artifacts | Implementation of archival quality light sources | Design and construction of exhibition display units - platforms, shelves, interior/exterior pedestals, and acrylic cases | Facilities management and maintenance for 2400 square feet of gallery space, 700 square foot rooftop sculpture terrace, and 1200 square feet of office and storage space | Coordination of outside contractors | Coordination of off-site exhibitions and on-site event logistics (30+ annually) | Liaison for interior decorators and private clientele


Gallery Assistant, Asietique | Calvin Charles Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ                                     2002-2004


Shipping and receiving artwork, antique Asian furniture, and ancient Asian artifacts | Preparation of artwork and gallery space for exhibitions and private viewings | Design and installation of interior and exterior exhibitions (12 annually) | Management of collections vault | Design and construction of pedestals and mobile walls | Lighting design | Painting


Exhibition Specialist | Arizona Museum for Youth, Mesa, AZ                                                         2003


Construction of temporary walls, pedestals, special display items, exhibition furniture, props, sets, and inter-actives (wood, steel, and plastics) | Facilities and tools maintenance – stationary and handheld woodworking tools, MIG welders, and metal shop | Construction of workshop tables | Assembly of storage units | Immersive environment construction – “Dog House Room” for Bow-Wow: Dogs in Art exhibit | Workshop layout


Gallery Assistant | Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Scottsdale, AZ                                 2002


Installation of exhibitions from the permanent collection and national and international traveling exhibitions - including solo exhibits for Wolfgang Lieb, Donald Sultan, and James Turrell | Shipping and receiving artwork | Uncrating and assembly of artwork | Assistant to artists for installing artwork | Assistant to the striking and crating of traveling exhibitions | Building walls | Wall patching and painting | Refurbishment of storage vaults 


Ceramic Shell Room Coordinator | New England Sculpture Services, Everett, MA                      2000 - 1999


Creation of ceramic shell molds for fine art bronze casting (50-80 per three week cycle) | Maintenance of ceramic shell slurries, machinery, and facilities | TIG welding and silver-soldering | Sandblaster operator | Rough and finish metal chasing | Assistant to lead wax worker and master mold-maker





Adjunct Instructor | Three Dimension Design                                                                                 2011

University of Montevallo, Montevallo, Alabama


Entry level three dimensional design focusing on the use of traditional and contemporary materials, techniques, and theories for creating three dimensional artworks including woodworking, mold making, plaster carving, figurative clay, assemblage, and experimental systems.


Adjunct Faculty | Sculpture I-IV & Advanced Sculpture                                                       2003 - 2008

Scottsdale Community College, Scottsdale, Arizona


Saturday sections of five levels of Sculpture from beginning through advanced focusing metal fabrication and casting bronze, aluminum, and iron. Special emphasis on flexible mold making, welding (oxy-acetylene, MIG, and TIG), ceramic shell lost wax casting, Petro-bond molds, and sodium-silicate bonded sand molds. Advanced students also worked in wood and assemblage.


Instructor | Foundry Casting Methods (ART 333)                                                                             2003

Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona


Introduction to metal casting (bronze and aluminum) via Petro-bond molds, sodium-silicate bonded sand molds, plaster bonded standard investment molds, and ceramic shell molds.


Course Designer & Instructor | Special Topics:  Mold Making (ART 494/598)                               2003

Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona


Course focus - introduce and build upon previous knowledge of mold-making for casting alternative materials (i.e. wax, dirt, lead, acrylic, rubber, glass, plastic, etc.) for aesthetic and conceptual purposes. 


Co-Instructor | Three Dimensional Design (ART 115)                                                                      2002

Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona


Introduction of basic three-dimensional fine art and arts and crafts techniques, theories, and materials.


Instructor | Sculpture 1 (ART 231)                                                                                                    2002

Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona


Introduction to production of traditional and post-modern conceptual sculpture through clay, plaster,

wood, and sheet metal | Shared focus - conceptual stability and introduction to basic tools and materials.