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Joe Bologna

361 Castle Crest Rd.
Alamo, CA 94507, U.S.A.
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Phone: 925.963.7114

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Architect Joe Bologna is an accomplished sculptor. Each profession compliments the other. His first public art, Camel Filters, appeared in 1990, recognizing the Walnut Creek City for pioneering smoke-free restaurants. Soon thereafter, his sculptural depiction of a flamboyant painter became the poster child for that city’s Arts Education program. Now you can find his sculptures integrated into buildings his firm designs, and featured in local businesses.
His irreverent “awards” for professional and community associations garner chuckles and fans alike. Joe’s American Snake Association trophy, a.k.a. "Attorney of the Year Award", continues to warm the hearts of local barristers.
After sculpting clay for 20 years, Joe began welding steel in 1997, and his work has grown in both size and popularity. He enjoys using scrap structural building materials, such as steel beams, door hardware, plumbing fixtures, pipe remnants and heavy timbers. “Recycled industrial scrap materials call out to me for what they could be the next time around. Rusty steel is one of my favorites for its color, texture and willingness to reincarnate”.