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Rick Rothrock

Wilmington, DE 19810, U.S.A.
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Rick Rothrock’s artwork encompasses stone sculpture studio work and public art installations. With its vocabulary of geometry and composition, Rick’s artwork strives to communicate the sense of beauty, reconciliation and peace that he finds predominant in nature. Stone has been the primary material featured in Rick's work for decades. Most of the artworks are monolithic yet have compositions relying on multiple relationships of material, form, color, texture, balance and movement. The abstraction in these works reveals the physical and visual phenomena that exist in nature rather than represent fauna and flora. Many of his artworks contrast the natural surface and structure of stone with its inner and invisible beauty.
    Through public works he seeks to energize a place by evoking something essential in its nature by considering the unseen forces of the seasons and providing a platform for human interaction as part of the subject matter. Seating, solar orientation, traffic patterns, material, and language encourage relationships between the people, the sculpture, and the natural physical world. Rick’s public environments evoke curiosity, encourage exploration, and promote interpersonal interaction.
     Rick was trained as an educator, a craftsman and an artist. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education and a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture. He also studied stone carving in Pietrasanta, Italy. As an advocate for the arts, Rick initiated the establishment of the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts in 1978. Rick is a founding member of the international artists consortium, SYNE and has exhibited in Sweden, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, and the USA. Rick is an instructor at the Carving Studio and Sculpture Center in Vermont has been an invited artist to several sculpture symposiums.

Pelicani Blasco Studios           Pietrasanta, Italy    Independent study   1989
University of Delaware            Newark, DE,  Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture 1978
Kent State University              Kent, Ohio, USA  Blossom Arts Program   1975
Millersville State University     Millersville, PA, Bachelor of Sci, Education 1972

Oculus                                    Giorgetti Park, Rutland, Vermont (to be installed)
Twin Obelisks for Brownie      Clifford Brown Greenway Park, Wilmington, DE
Cliff. Brown Listening Room   Clifford Brown Greenway Park, Wilmington, DE
Reflection                               Delaware Rotaries / Delaware State Parks, Wilmington, DE
Rendezvous                           Wilmington Arts Commission, Wilmington, DE
Brandywine Overlook             Dlawaree Div of Parks and Recreation, Wilmington, DE
Five Elements fountain           DET Inc, King of Prussia, PA
Quill and Cube                       Constitution Park, Dover, DE
Three Mill Pylons                    Three Mill Rd Corp Center, Wilmington, DE
Bilateral Agreement                Bristol Myers Squibb, New Brunswick, NJ
Offspring                                 Bristol Myers Squibb, New Brunswick, NJ
Moving Mountains                  Hercules Corporation, Wilmington, DE
Outside In                               Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, PA
Changing Earth exhibits         Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, PA

Artist in Residence– 2012                Carving Studio and Sculpture Center, West Rutland, Vermont
Marble Carving Symposium 2010    Carving Studio and Sculpture Center, West Rutland, Vermont
ScupltFest 2008                               Carving Studio and Sculpture Center, West Rutland, Vermont
Vondereau Museum "Milseberg Basalt Symposium”   2001                                    Fulda, Germany
Delaware Arts in Education Program  1993-1994                                           Wilmington, DE, USA
Connemara Sculpture Center  1988                                                                Dallas TX, USA

Curator –SculptFest   2011                        Carving Studio and Sculpture Center, West Rutland, VT
Instructor – Monumental Concepts 2011                                          CSSC, West Rutland, VT, USA
Instructor - Open Stone Symposium 2009-2012                               CSSC, West Rutland, VT, USA
Community Arts Coordinator 1978-1981  Absalom Jones Art Center, New Castle County, DE, USA
Instructor: Sculpture and Photography 1978-1980                              New Castle County, DE, USA
Pennsylvania Permanent Teaching Certificate    1975
Teacher – Industrial Technology 1972-1976                                        Bloomsburg, PA, USA