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Elisabeth Picard

Montreal, Quebec , Canada
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As movement transforms matter in the universe, my work is oriented to the exploration of natural phenomena and its impact on the physical environment. The relationship between growth and transformation and the complexity of the structures they engender guide my practice.

Following the phenomena of the universe, I induce movement in materials in order to create a natural architectonics. With the use of craft techniques, I study industrial materials such as wood, undulated cardboard, wax and plastics, in order to create a contrast between their industrial and raw appearance into some new natural state. To achieve this, I bring attention to their specific properties (color, structure and plasticity) through manipulation; layering for growth, cutting for fractures, transformation, deformation, movement by torsion and lightness by the translucency. My interest in raw materials is their physical and mechanical properties, in order to elevate them to a refined state which demonstrates their architectural potential.

My aim is to create objects that are a fusion of art, design and architecture as I put in relationship the notion of refined versus non-refined by the hybridization of various materials and of sense. My practice, in opposition to mass production which generally results in the creation of serials objects, is to laboriously fabricate unique, precious and fragile pieces. I want to explore a meditative approach to material in relationship to the universe, the landscape its movement and the organisms which develop in it.