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Lukasz Cendrowski

ul. Przestrzenna 18/1
Wroclaw, 0 50-533, Poland
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Biography: 1983 born in Wroclaw/PL
studies "Conservation and Restoration" at vocational school, Wroclaw/PL
since 2007
Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw/PL

Solo Exhibitions:

2011 Galerie 29, ASP Wroclaw/PL
2011 43 % organic. 67 % synthetic, culture centre Agora Wroclaw/PL (with Grzegorz Gdula)
2010 Implozja (one-day solo exhibition)
2010 Academy of Fine Arts Postument, Wroclaw/PL


Upcomming Exhibitions:

ZS Art Gallery

Vienna, Austria
August 2012
“At first sight the minimalist sculptures by Lukasz Cendrowski appear like avant-garde furniture with precisely applied disrupters. After a while we can realise no practical effect. The perfectionist Lukasz Cendrowski confronts harmonically curved geometry composed of today’s material with domesticated coincidences like waste, raw meat, carbonised wood or dust bunnies. These are not exactly the classic materials of a sculptor but rather symbols of our highly industrialised society. His objects admonish in purist perfection of the destructive aspiration after more and even more. He depicts a quite aesthetic world which though has something insistently irretrievable. Perfectly structured, suspenseful envoys from a dissipated future.” (from exhibit description)