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Cindy Jackson

Los Angeles, CA -, U.S.A.
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Phone: 818-371-3046

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Yes, my work has a figurative aspect to it, but look deeper and you’ll see that the work is not about the figures’ surface, but about our internal emotional worlds that sit within those boundaries. My work is about relationships; between people and their relationship with themselves. I have always wanted my work to be reflective of our inner psychology, to show internal motivation. The human form, to me, is the door by which we see into ourselves.  It has taken me many years just to begin to understand human form, now I feel I am able to show my hand in my work while at the same time refer the viewer past the surface and into the work itself. As I grow older my life experience has taught me that the energy we bring to our relationships is tenuous at best and full of resonating and conflicting emotion. Lately, my work is getting much larger. I feel that this is an important step forward. I realize that as the work gets bigger, the relationship of my work to the viewer changes, becoming more active and visceral. These large figures then take on not only an aggressively direct relationship to the viewer, but they also begin to inform each other in dialog.