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Sao Paulo, 0 05716090, Brazil
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Phone: +5511991726239

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“Claudia has the ability to express her ideas and rapidly apply them in a practical manner. She surprises everyone with her strong willingness to make things happen - building an art work from a given material and coming out with a result that clearly expresses her intentions, desires and the conditions that enable the creation of a technically perfect, aesthetically dense and balanced art object”.                                             
                                                                                      Nicolas Vlavianos, June 2012
Graduated in Social Communication & Marketing in one of the most prestigious schools in Brazil and with a highly successful entrepreneurial career in the international Marketing Services segment, Claudia Kiatake discovered in her sculptures her own way to communicate with the world.
Working mainly with metal and certified wood, Claudia uses many techniques to develop her sculptures, always adapting them throughout her creation process – “it is fascinating to observe how the materials respond to your actions and respect their natural movement”, she says.
The invaluable support and inspiration from master sculptors like Vlavianos were the foundation to Claudia’s sculpting style, molded during her art studies at FAAP and Escola Panamericana de Artes. Nowadays her works are exhibited in the renowned Pro Arte Galeria in São Paulo, Brazil.
Claudia has taken part in collective exhibitions in Brazil, in renowned landscape artists´ projects and design fairs. She has also participated in “Private Exhibitions” in Miami, USA, organized by Pinacoteca Art Advisory New York in the “Private Study” events.
Through her work, she expects to embrace the spirit of those who lay their eyes on the sculptures, hoping those can lay their souls as well.
“I look for a soul in each of my sculptures. This soul is revealed according to the context of each work’s creation, the plasticity of the materials used, my present moment in life and the stories that will be told. The moment of pure contemplation offered by each sculpture is a combination of the spectator’s eyes and the artist’s heart. And my search for the aesthetics perfection is basically a search for harmony itself... there is where the art lives, the poetry of the sculpture.”
In the construction and deconstruction of elements I seek images and compositions in a more complete form, one that questions the human being´s capacity to always reinvent himself.”
                                                                                                                  Claudia Kiatake