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Janet Austin

2400 Harrison St
Evanston, IL 60201, U.S.A.
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Studio Art:

Oversized creatures bring attention to the negative feelings people exhibit toward pests. This collection includes birds, reptiles and insects that are not only common, but also hated for their appearances and behaviors. This work presents an exploration of our relationship with nature made more complex by the constant human need to repel these “pests” and the consequences resulting from this interaction.

The exploration of the naughty and nice in nature is continued in recent work of welded steel and concrete sculpture inspired by insects and insect parts. These smaller, more intimate pieces juxtapose attractive, beautiful finishes and form with a menacing element of danger or grossness.  The reaction is similar to that of viewing large mosaic sculptures; people are attracted to and repelled from them simultaneously.

Public Art:

Located throughout the United States public, outdoor work is site specific, designed to reflect the location by using images of conceptual, natural or historical inspiration. Collaboration with other artists, including community members is often an intrinsic part of the piece.