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Diane Tang

Lake Forest, IL 60045, U.S.A.
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Phone: 847-219-8262

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Drawing on life history and elements in nature I create memory vessels, as a symbol or intrument to celebrate and reflect on life, love and the emotional healing from loss. Hand built expressive images are centered on the unfolding of the 'bleeding-heart' spring perennial blossom.  The vessels are made of high fire clay, glazes, saved objects, glass, and found recycable metal.   

The concept of my work is based on two resourceful and strong women.  My  Victorian grandmother, who taught me simplicity.   And a homeless woman in Albuquerque, who brought light to my soul by making naive art out of metal objects she found on the streets.

I aspire to be an extension of these two brillant women, and to ignite emotional introspection through the creation of memory vessels.

BFA  The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Exhibitions   2012 Urban Edge, Three Women Show                                                                                  2011 Brush Creek Ranch,   Saratoga, WY                                                                                2010 Deer Path Art Gallery, "Two Women One Show"