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Dee Briggs

1412 Swissvale Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15221, U.S.A.
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Dee Briggs 

1412 Swissvale Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15221 | 


Artist Statement
The ideas, or concepts, I have been dealing with and exploring in my work are based in mathematics, architecture and experience. I am particularly interested in geometry, symmetry and rhythm – line, plane and volume – visual perception and spatial understanding. All explored through a palette of materials traditionally used in the building industry – steel, aluminum, wood, concrete, titanium.

Much of my work to date has grown out of a specific obsession with Chirality or handedness. Three-dimensional objects that are Chiral do not have an internal plane of symmetry, can be mirrored three dimensionally but the left and right cannot be superimposed. Chirality is a very common characteristic in many areas of chemistry and biology. And it describes parts (left and right) of the human body, like our hands. Using very simple geometric forms – circles, rectangles – I apply this more complex operation of symmetry and create the components and compositions of my work. 

The most recent iterations have become more and more site specific, incorporating elements of light, movement and sound allowing me to create a dialogue with the architectural context and a powerful human experience as the work becomes literally occupiable and experiential. I have also begun to work with a new complex operation of symmetry – reverberation. I am at the early stages of this research and experimentation.

The results of this work are unexpected rhythmic spaces that contain limitless perceptual contradictions: three-dimensional patterns that are at once familiar and foreign, heavy forms that imply weightlessness, delightful spatial experiences that extend threatening invitations, seduction tempered with caution.  And all the while line teasing out plane, plane carving out volume – actual, implied or perceived.


1999 – 2002 Master of Architecture Yale University
1990 – 1997 Architecture History City College of New York 

2013 Dee Briggs, Solo Exhibition, Hoyt Center for the Arts – New Castle, PA
2012 Factory Direct, (invited group exhibit), The Warhol Museum – Pittsburgh, PA
2012 55th Chautauqua Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art, (invited group exhibit), Chautauqua Institution – Chautauqua, NY
2012 Three Rivers Arts Festival, (invited public exhibition) – Pittsburgh, PA
2012 Intimate Friction, (invited group exhibit), The Mattress Factory – Pittsburgh, PA
2012 Snapshot, (invited group exhibit), UnSmoke Systems Artspace – Braddock, PA
2011 Juried group exhibit, Erie Art Museum – Erie, PA
2011 Juried group exhibit, The Sculpture Center – Cleveland, OH
2010 Reverberation, Solo Exhibition, UnSmoke Systems Artspace – Braddock, PA 
2010 Cluster, (invited group exhibit – selected from PCA exhibit) CFEVA, Philadelphia, PA
2010 Gestures 14, (invited group exhibit), The Mattress Factory – Pittsburgh, PA
2010 Cluster, (invited group exhibit), Pittsburgh Center for the Arts – Pittsburgh, PA
2009 The Carrie Furnace Project, (invited group exhibit), Carrie Furnace Pump House – Homestead, PA
2009 Fire Island Pines Biennial, (juried group exhibit), Fire Island Pines Art Project – Fire Island Pines, NY
2008 Cedarhurst International Sculpture Biennial, (juried group exhibit) Cedarhurst Center for the Arts – Mt. Vernon, IL
2007 Site Unseen, (invited group exhibit), Fe Gallery – Pittsburgh, PA
2007 Dee briggs, Solo Exhibition, Regina Miller Gallery – Pittsburgh, PA
2007 Flux 15, (invited group exhibit) – Pittsburgh, PA
2006 Dee briggs, Solo Exhibition, SVG Gallery – Nantucket, MA
2006 International Sculpture Biennale (juried group exhibit) – Palm Beach, FL
2005 Dee Briggs, Solo Show of Maquettes, Main Gallery, Mitchell Museum and Cedarhurst Center for the Arts – Mt. Vernon, IL
2003 Navy Pier Walk 2003 (juried group exhibit) – Chicago, IL 

2012 FACTORY DIRECT: PITTSBURGH The Synthesis, Parallel, and Clash of Art and Industry. By Natalie Settles, Assistant Curator
2012 Gestures Exhibition Series turns art inside out. By Kurt Shaw, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review April 13, 2012
2007 Art Review: CMU exhibits produce balance. By Mary Thomas, Pittsburgh Post Gazette October 17, 2007 

Public Collections 
2012 5' x 20' x .5" Folded Plate (permanent collection) UnSmoke Systems Artspace – Braddock, PA 
2006 Eight Rings | One Line (permanent collection) Mitchell Museum – Mt. Vernon, IL
2004 Lily (permanent collection) Cedarhurst Center for the Arts – Mt. Vernon, IL

Public Appointments 
2010 – Present  Pittsburgh Public Art Commission – 4 year appointment 

Corporate Collections
2009 US Steel Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA – in progress 

2009 Bronx Charter School for the Arts, Bronx, NY – All School Artist in Residence