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Donna Hoyle

6383 Old Hwy 13 #5
Carbondale, IL 62901, U.S.A.
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Phone: 7703560605

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American, Cuban and Venezuelan, this is my heritage and upbringing. These experiences and other influences like science studies and marine landscape help to define my approach to making meaningful works of art. Materials, forms and process are also important aspects of the development of my work. 

My artwork has developed meaning from experiences, which are connected to my background and upbringing. The abstract biomorphic form explored is from different childhood memories of the ocean's movements and tropical environments, as well as from the movement produced in nature by the elements in these environments.

              The forms chosen to develop my work relate to my personality, which includes a suggestive interior space that emulates a sense of guardianship or protectiveness. My background in science aids in the investigative process of the material's form and content. The unique combination of materials introduces yet another layer to the content of the work. By combining contrasting materials the body of work alludes to the work's origin.


The use of fabrics, yarns, sewing and knitting materials, which contain feministic qualities, combines with other materials to create a duality and a contrast. This results in some of the materials losing their original significance.