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Consie Bassett

25 South Main Street
Stockton, NJ 08559, U.S.A.
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Phone: 609 397 8983

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 Contemporary & Iconic Expression in Portraiture.

Recent body of work is the exploration of materials and the use of facial expression and gesture to evoke a contemporary and alternatively iconic feeling in the portraiture.

I have traditionally worked in bronze but have chosen to explore multiple varied materials including high fire stoneware, steel, wood and salvage materials. The variety of materials has become an integral part of creating the mood of this group of sculptures.

I have also experimented with the idea of capturing a sense of group expression and the recognition of individuals within the group if separated out. “The Senators” have  the presence of a crowd . Their individuals expressions are over shadowed by the many surrounding them. One tends to interpret the mood of the whole not the individual in a large grouping. When presented as individual sculptures, they become familiar, singular characteristics become more evident.                                                        

The sculptures “Alyssa” and “Aida”, are intended to invoke a more formal iconic presentation of position and possibly a more studied assessment is possible. I am interested in exploring further the juxtaposition of formal geometric forms and portraiture that suggests a point in previous history.