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Nicholas Carroll

732 East 16th Street Apt 1
Minneapolis, MN 55404, U.S.A.
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Phone: 952-261-6432

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 Artist Statement:

Emotions are something that we are born with, but have to learn to understand.  I have always been exceedingly emotionally attuned in that I find I have an easy time identifying with and understanding the feelings of others. Although I grew up in a household with parents who are loving and supportive, and had an upbringing that most would regard as normal, as a child I never learned how to properly cope with or articulate the often-overwhelming amount of emotional empathy and feedback I was experiencing. Throughout my adolescence this lead to feeling broken and disengaged from others in a rhetorical sense, but wholly connected in an inexpressible emotional one. Although my relationship to verbal expression developed later in life, this disconnection from others lead to the development of a significant emotional connection to objects that has stayed with me ever since. I would often collect and store objects, hoarding the items and the feelings that I associated with them. Objects and their corresponding symbolic referential information speak to me in a tactile manner that I can grasp and decode. Most of the sculptures consist of created two-dimensional and three-dimensional pieces, as well as found and appropriated objects. Through this pursuit I have sought to create my visual language based upon formal aesthetic values, symbols, theories and humor. In creating this visual language I am often confronting the limitations presented by traditionally separated visual mediums, many times combining them in a sculptural manner to best suit my needs. Most of my sculptures employ balancing and counterbalancing of items and do not utilize permanent attachment of any separate items to achieve their final form. When deciding on the objects crafted and utilized, I search for an emotional “déjà vu” experience with them. I want to feel in them a resounding sense of connection between past and present symbolic emotion that is simultaneously universally familiar and yet deeply personal. The compositions are then assembled, deconstructed and reassembled over time to create many different and fluid sculptures. Each reconstitution of form creates a unique conversation that mirrors current and past personal and interpersonal relationship interactions and struggles.







Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Fall 2011 – Spring 2013

Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts

Fine Art Stuio Major


Normandale Community College

Fall 2006- Spring 2011

Associates Degree in Liberal Arts w/ emphasis

in Communication





Amy Toscani, Studio Assistant Internship, Summer 2012

Franklin Art Center, Exhibition Installation Volunteer, Summer 2012

Soap Factory, Exhibition Installation Volunteer, Fall 2012

MCAD, Phone-a-thon Fundraiser, Team Member, Winter 2011, Fall 2012

Pride for Power in Living, Homework-n-Hoops, Art Activities Coordinator, Fall - Winter 2011

Courage Center/IFP, Art Based Rehabilitation Therapy, Photography Specialist, Fall 2011






Upcoming / In Progress:

Walker Art Center, Performative Relational Installation and Event, Conversations holding objects, objects holding conversations, Part of the Fritz Haeg: At Home in the City Exhibition, Created in collaboration with Christopher Gasser, Brennan Gasser, Melina Neugyn and Tamara McCoy-Carroll, September - November 2013

Gamut Gallery, C4W 2014, Juried Group Exhibition, October 2013

Grounds For Sculpture, Fall/ Winter Group Exhibition, Juried Group Exhibition, October 2013

International Sculpture Center, ISC Traveling Exhibtion, Juried Group Exhibition, Fall 2013 - Fall 2014

International Sculpture Center, Heinz Aeschilimann Switzerland Residency Nominee, Winter 2013


Sculpture Magazine, Featured Work: You can balance a painting with a cheeseburger, October Issue, Fall 2013

International Sculpture Center, 2013 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award Winner, Fall 2013

Fox Tax, Art-A-Whirl 2013, Group Exhibition, Summer 2013

The Soo Visual Art Center’s: SooLocal, STEP RIGHT UP, Collaborative Performance and Exhibition, Summer 2013

MCAD, Daydreams and other duldrums (as the west coast floats along), MCAD Sculpture Garden, Spring 2013

MCAD, Senior Grant Award Winner, Juried Fine Arts Merit Competition, Spring 2013

Carmichael Lynch, Photoshop Funny, Rusty Water Tower Project, Juried Competition Finalist, Winter 2013

MCAD, Self-Titled, Juried Competition Winner, Self-Portrait Competition, Spring 2012

1515 Nicolette Ave, Minneapolis MN, Block x Block Mural, Design / Painting Collaborator, Spring 2012

MCAD, Study in Refuse, M@DE at MCAD, Juried Group Exhibition, Winter 2011

MCAD, Sometimes, only sometimes, M@DE at MCAD, Juried Group Exhibition, Winter 2011