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Anne Baxter

258 A Street, Ste 1 #72
none, 97520, Venezuela
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ANNE BAXTER - Light Sculpture

Artist Statement:

I am a sculptor of nothing. There are holes in almost everything I make. I enjoy seeing through the outer appearance of objects.

Beauty is important:  Not a slick, idealized beauty in a commercial sense, but rather an earthy, natural beauty which springs forth through presenting the essence of the subject.

Harmony and balance are appreciated:  I move and arrange elements until I feel content.  When I’m successful, those who view my work may feel in better balance and more at peace.

My working method is slow and manual, though I sometimes use the computer to enlarge an image for use as an underlying guide. My tools consist of small pliers and metal scissors: I simply cut the mesh and then bend and attach its stray ends to another piece of mesh to create my desired form, a process which resembles sewing using threads of metal.


Born and raised in Seattle, Baxter later moved to the East Coast to continue her education. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Colby College with a double major in Art and English (1983). During this time, Baxter also studied Art History and Literature at the University of Reading in England. She has exhibited in Group and One-Person Exhibitions since 1983 both nationally and internationally, including shows in New York, Paris, Tokyo, Chicago, Mexico City, and Los Angeles. Her work is in numerous collections in the United States and abroad.

On graduating from college, Baxter moved to New York and took a job doing office work for The Whitney Museum while she studied drawing & anatomy at The Art Students League. It was during this period that she created two large-scale works in what would become her signature medium, wire mesh.

Baxter then moved to Paris and became a student of Pol Bury and Gérard Singer at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts. She had her first one-person gallery exhibition in 1988 at La Galerie de Poche. One year later, she graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts with Honors (“avec les félicitations du jury”) and with a four-year degree in Sculpture. Her work was the subject of the ENSBA’s first one-person student publication, “Traces 2”. She was the recipient of various awards during this period, including an award from Le Figaro & La Compagnie Bancaire on the theme of the advancement of technology. Baxter continued to work and exhibit in Paris until her move to Los Angeles at the end of 1993. There she began to experiment with gilding / gold-plating her wire works, as well as developing her more classic works in silver. Baxter also created an experimental body of work exploring the integration of color into her sculpture using the medium of abalone.

Baxter currently lives in Los Angeles and is developing a series of Flags made from variations of her wire medium. She began this series in 2003 with an American Flag image, which she worked on for over one year.  It is composed of many layers of wire mesh with fencing and barbed wire woven in.  All of the white areas seen in this flag are negative space (they are actually just areas where the white of the background wall is showing through). She is also developing a series of Prints based on this recent work.