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Yechel Gagnon

Montreal, Quebec , Canada
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Close engagement with the material qualities inherent to each form and medium has served as the foundation for Yechel Gagnon's artistic practice, encompassing plywood bas-reliefs, embossed prints, frottage drawings, etchings, cast-aluminium works and large-scale architectural installations. Her approach marries diverse inspirations, including traditional Chinese painting, abstract expressionism, the generative art of Tara Donovan, the works of contemporary French artist Fabienne Verdier, and the distinguished architectural team Herzog & de Meuron. Engaging different media has allowed her to nurture a fluid, dialogical process capable of informing and renewing itself across disciplines. Gagnon's approach employs tools and techniques devised for unfolding, layering and de-layering to unearth imagery from the material at hand. The resulting pieces allude to worlds of dissonant tension and balance, composed of voids as well as signs, of emptiness aside human presence, and of the natural with the artificial. They suggest a range of interpretations: imaginary or oneiric spaces, oriental aesthetics, topographical mapping, figure-ground plasticity, and overlapping micro/macro perspectives.


Born in Montreal in 1973, Yechel Gagnon holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree (Studio Arts) from Concordia University and an AOCAD with Honours in Drawing and Painting from the Ontario College of Art and Design. Her works have been exhibited in commercial galleries, artist-run centres and museums across Canada, in the United States and France. Her public artworks and exhibitions have attracted frequent reviews by noted critics and curators. Yechel Gagnon lives in Montreal and is represented by Cynthia Reeves Gallery in New Hampshire and Newzones Gallery in Calgary