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Brigid Kennedy

285 Garden Street
Wethersfield, CT 06109, U.S.A.
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My work is informed by architecture, culture and personal experience. Through travel and research I find commonality between all cultures. This commonality is, on the surface, simple, elemental and elegant; it is rooted in nature and reveals our human condition. Through this essential connection of all peoples - our shared ideas, beliefs and practices - my inspiration thrives. Sparked by recent political events, I have been revisiting the traditional architecture of Mali, its building practices and design, as well as the spirituality that informs it. Initially, I created forms that functioned as simple interpretations of traditional structures. These pieces led me towards new work that is more abstract. Here, I am concerned with form, surface and color, with an emphasis on rhythm throughout. The physical process of making this work is contemplative and completes a circle for me, connecting my work to the spirituality inherent in traditional Malian architecture.