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Cole Askevold

none, 94806, Venezuela
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Robbins - Askevold is drawn to the doors you have contemplated or walked through. She studies the surface, questions the past and turns the knob to what was once an entrance to someone else's home. She builds upon conversations and experiences between the places she calls home in Alaska and California, to visually share a dialog that is reflected in the work of rustic landscapes. 


Combinations of splintered wood and steel structures that have survived a fire were built from the solitude recognized only after a devastating loss. In search of an anchor, she has chosen to construct rustic landscapes within the framework of reclaimed doors and windows. The doors have been walked through, opened and closed by strangers while the shattered glass was replaced by carefully constructed memories and intimate avenues of wood grain patterns.


Robbins Askevold graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute (2012) with an Master of Fine Arts and a Master of Arts in History and Theory of Contemporary Art. She graduated with a Bachelor in Art (2005) from the University of Alaska Anchorage. She later returned to Alaska and taught as an adjunct professor in the Department of Art (2012-2015). Currently, Robbins is among other artists being featured in the All-Alaska Biennial at the Anchorage Museum at Rasmusson Center on exhibit through April 2016.