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Brian Rock

413 N Bullard st
Silver City, NM 88061, U.S.A.
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Phone: 5759575125

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 The persistence of memory and the scars of PTSD are evident in the complexity of his work. His art reflects the scars and emotional turmoil of war, of a childhood lost and a return to the conflict zone as an adult. Why he joined the military after growing up in a world of bombs and bullets is unclear ..only he knows that or does he really?  Maybe it was all he knew, where he felt safe because he knew how to deal with it. That was then.

Returning to normalcy is never easy for anyone. However the years of mounting memory oppression finally gave way and now he struggles with all that was witnessed. Bearing the physical, mental and emotional scars have provided a catalyst to propel him into the world of artistic endeavor. He sculpts and paints, gathering materials from whatever source he finds, foraging as on the battlefield for materials to make life bearable and more importantly survivable.

He works with numerous veteran organizations and has his work featured in the new National Museum for the US Army. His work has been seen nationally and also in the US Congress. Brian lives in the quiet In rural NM.