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gina robbins

Chicago, IL 60302, U.S.A.
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Phone: 7085241837

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I am drawn to simple organic forms that reveal rich texture and irregularity upon close examination: creeping lichen, labyrinthine coral, the patterned skin of a reptile. My sculptural work is informed by these details in nature, with the use of gesture or placement in a series to invoke human interaction and emotion. The results are forms that can be both otherworldly, and viscerally familiar.
Although non-figural, my sculptures are expressive, conveying movement, life and even emotion.  They reach out, seeking to relate to their environment or the chance observer.  By embellishing my ceramic forms with found remnants of the natural and civilized worlds, I have begun to delve more deeply into a conceptual exploration of social mores.
I enjoy hand building with clay because my process begins with the muddy earth beneath us.  The tenuous process of testing gravity and the clay's plasticity and finally releasing this once-fluid form to the fire of the kiln,  reflects both the fragility of life and the rule of chaos in nature.  The challenge of working with these metaphoric obstacles is exhilarating to me.
Woman Made Gallery, 18th International Open, Chicago, IL, Juror: Gill Gatfield
Material Associations: Five-Woman Show, Christopher Art Gallery, Prairie State College, Chicago Heights, IL
In One's Element: Six Artists Working in Their Essential Element, Gallery PINK, Oak Park, IL
Bridgeport Art Center 2nd Annual Competition, Chicago, IL, Jurors: John David Mooney and Michiko Kobayashi
Clay3 , ClaySpace National Juried Exhibit, Warrenville Public Library, Warrenville, IL, Juror: Kurt Weiser
Atrium Exhibition, Illinois Artisans, Illinois State Museum, James R. Thompson Center, Chicago, IL
37th Annual Art Competition, Beverly Art Center,  Chicago, IL, Jurors: Maria Gaspar, Gabriel Bizen Akagawa
From the Earth, Juried Group Show, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, IL, Jurors: Carmen M. Perez and Mary Stoppert
Meet the Maker, West Elm, Oak Brook Center, Oak Brook, IL
70th Annual Salon Show, South Shore Arts, Munster, IN, Juror: Paul Klein
Summer Juried Group Show, Water Street Studios, Batavia, IL, Juror: Staci Boris
Possibilities, Three-Person Show, Gallery PINK, Oak Park, IL 
Bridgeport Art Center Annual Competition, Chicago, IL, Jurors: Thomas McCormick and Julian Williams
Evocative, Regional Juried Show, Prairie State College, Chicago Heights, IL, Juror: Paul Klein
Small Works, Great Lakes Juried Show, Riverside Arts Center, Ypsilanti, MI, Juror: Nancy Flanagan
Journeys, Northbrook Public Library International Juried Art Show, Northbrook, IL, Jurors: Jeanine Coupe Ryding, Judith Joseph
Clay3 , ClaySpace Regional Juried Show, Warrenville Public Library, Warrenville, IL, Juror: Steven Hill
botanic/organic, Union Street Gallery National Juried Show, Chicago Heights, IL, Juror: Elizabeth Whiting
Featured Artist, Prairie Title, Satellite Gallery of Oak Park Art League (OPAL), Oak Park, IL
Locus Terra, Juried Studio Show for Chicago Artists Month, Oak Park, IL, Juror: Seana Higgins
Ceramic and Paper Show, Gallery PINK, Oak Park, IL
Carved and Composed, Annual Sculpture Exhibit, OPAL, Oak Park, IL
First Place Award, OPAL Artist Member Show, Judge Sabina Ott, 2015.
Honorable Mention, OPAL Anything Goes, Judge Betty Ann Mocek, 2014; Judge Nathan Mason, 2013
Second Place, Fluidity, Union Street Gallery, Chicago Height, IL, Juror: Renee Klyczek Nordstrom, 2013
Second Place,  OPAL Artist Member Show, Judge: Mark Hansen, 2013
3-Dimensional Award, 35th Annual Art Competition, Beverly Arts Center, Chicago, IL, Jurors: Olivia Gude, Brad Killam, 2011
Forest Park Review, October 18, 2013
Chicago Artists Resource website featured photo, Chicago Artists Month, 2011
Oak Leaves newspaper, September 13, 2011
Oak Leaves newspaper, July 8, 2010