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Spar Street

500 Haloa Rd
Haiku, HI 96708, U.S.A.
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Phone: (844) 626-2278     Fax: (808) 930-3011

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An Introduction to Spar Street

Amongst the world's greatest living painters and sculptors, few have been privately welcomed inside the palaces and the boardrooms of the world's wealthiest, most powerful and influential people to create meaningful, purpose driven artworks.

Spar Street's collectors include The United Nations, His Royal Highness the Sultan of Brunei, Sir Richard Branson, Ted Turner, Stanley Marcus, Dame Jane Goodall, Nobel Peace Prize winners, Prime Ministers, world religious leaders, internationally renowned authors, educators, athletes and entertainers.
Spar's collectors' relate with the message inherent in his artworks: "Your artwork reminds me of what it is like to love bravely, and live fully." "Your work is brilliant", "Stunning", "The movement of your artworks is irresistibly compelling", "This is a feast for the senses", "A Masterpiece", "Wholly original", "Fills the space with so much love, passion and vitality", "Breathtaking and visually explosive".
Spar fits none of the traditional "artist" stereotypes. He is an athlete; six foot six, tan, muscular, blue-eyed blonde, who ranked among the top skiers in the world, and today is an accomplished heli-skier and big-wave surfer. By age 25, Spar's investment banking company raised half a billion dollars for socially and environmentally responsible corporations before he turned all of his attention toward the creation of fine art.
Among Spar's outstanding international accomplishments, is his selection by Claes Nobel, of the famed Peace Prize family, and the cofounder of the World Peace One Foundation, to create the sculpture award titled The Heart of Peace to "… honor those persons who ceaselessly dedicate their lives to world peace and world service, and who are creating a better, safer, and saner world." This same sculpture has been chosen by the Foundation for placement throughout the entire world, in monumental scale, as a source of inspiration, that will, as Mr. Nobel says, "... become the great gateway by which the human race will enter into the golden age of universal peace, built on a culture of deep connection with self and truth".
Spar Street‘s brilliant paintings and sculptures are finally emerging from the private market, where his artworks have been accessible only to a privileged few, into full public view, where they can now be acquired by the many serious collectors and investors who have long sought to collect Spar's artwork, and have been unable to do so until now.
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Spar Street's work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally in galleries and cultural centers, including Art Miami, Miami Beach, Florida; Art Miami Context in Miami Beach, Florida; Hay Hill Gallery in London; Alp Galleries in Frankfurt, Germany; SCOPE in Basel, Switzerland; Gallery 1949 in Aspen, Colorado; the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego; the Hansen Galleries in New York City; Gallery Rodeo in Beverly Hills, California; the Pam Driscoll Gallery in Aspen, Colorado; Gallery Duval in Key West, Florida: GRAMMY Art of Music Gallery in Las Vegas; Plaza Galleries, Whistler, B. C., Canada; Artesia Gallery in Vail, Colorado; Richard Thomas Galleries in Park City, Utah and San Francisco; J. R. Fine Arts in Scottsdale, Arizona; International Art in Miami; FACT Gallery in Laguna Beach, California; the Masterpiece Gallery in Boca Raton, Florida; the Rendez-Vous Art Gallery in Vancouver, B. C., Art Link in Sydney, Australia; and Art Gallery Masajiro in Tokyo.
In addition, his work is in private, corporate, and public collections including those of Sir Richard Branson, Ted Turner, Andre Agassi, Richard Gere, The United Nations, The Virgin Group, Bank of Hawaii, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Neiman Marcus Group, HSBC, The Seagram Company, Pan Pacific Hotels, Nike Corporation, Federal Express., the B. C. Children's Hospital, Columbia Academy, Lions Gate Hospital, Shaughnessy Hospital, Simon Fraser University.