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Olga Nabatova

763 Indian Rd
Toronto, Ontario M6p2e4, Canada
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 The artist is a lifelong discoverer and adventure seeker who is able to distinguish the marvels of the unseen and to make accessible the secrets of the ideal. Through dreams, fantasies, and disciplined thought, the artist can reconstruct the observable world available to us into a desirable one - hence erasing the boundaries between what we have, and what we would like there to be. 

Olga Nabatova is one such artist who remains true to the great classical traditions of the art while being in constant watch for new expression and form with her work - always ready to create, and always willing to surrender to the mysteries of beauty. 
Born and raised in Vilnius, Lithuania, Olga began to pursue visual arts studies after finishing middle school. After the graduating from Kiev Polytechnic University with a Masters degree in Computer science, she worked in "Eva" magazine in Vilnius as an art and design director. 
In 1992 Olga moved to Toronto and worked in various companies in the printing and graphic design industry and continued to follow her passion for painting and sculpture . Her works can be seen around the world: in private collections in US , Canada , Czech Republic,  Belgium, Latvia,  Lithuania, Italy , Portugal,  Russia, Holland, Germany 
Naturally of an active character, Olga draws her inspiration from poetry, music, world travels, and her love for sailing.