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Mojo Mendiola

Uerdinger StraBe
Krefeld, North Rhine-Westphalia 47800, Germany
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1954 born in Kempen, Germany                    

1972 – 1980 studied German and English/ American philology at Düsseldorf University, Germany

1972 – 1983 performed as singer-songwriter in clubs and on festivals in Germany, The Netherlands, England and USA

1981 – 1982 studied Afro-American literature under the guidance of LeRoiJones / Amiri Baraka in New York

performed as singer-songwiter in Greenwich Village clubs

journalistic work for German and British music magazines 

1983 – 2007 journalistic and photographic work in Hamburg, Germany 

1999 first digital paintings 

2007 moved to Krefeld, Germany 

2012 first mixed media objects 

2014 first video art 

since 2009 exhibitions in Krefeld, Kempen, Moers, Düsseldorf, Meerbusch, Detroit and New York

About Medi-made Art

In April 2012 I first laid hands on an inhalation disc as used by COPD patients for instance. And while the packaging of pharmacological products is usually little inspiring and rarely suitable for artistic purposes, this particular disc, looked upon from a variety of perspectives, appealed to me strongly.

Mythologically and philosophically there is a tight coherency between respiration and spirit. “God breathed into his (Adam's) nostrils the breath of life”, it is written. Schiller's plays are “breathing the spirit of freedom”, philology judges. Before one starts a difficult or dangerous task, one takes “a deep breath” folks say. There are many examples like this. In the English language – based on Ancient Latin – this equivalence comes across very clearly in the words themselves. “Respiration” stands for breathing, the related “spirit” for wit, courage and soul. Furthermore there are “aspiration” for ambition and “inspiration” for intuition and spontaneous suggestion plus the verbs from this semantic field. These considerations and the pronounced esthetics of the disc container led me to creating artworks, in which the inhalation disc is transformed into a souled being – so to speak – and embodies the positive vigor of life.

Later more medical utensils came into it, and in analogy to the term “Ready-mades” I coined the term “Medi-made objects” respectively “Medi-made Art” for my works.

„These objects are so good and so worthy, each of them is supposed to be placed on a stela of its own.“ Ernst J. Althoff, Prof. em. of the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, June 15th 2014 in Mendiola’s exhibition in Krefeld