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Sora Kimberlain


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Sora Kimberlain, stone sculptor       

“ I am honored to work with a material that’s taken millions of years to form in the earth. To work in stone, the physicality, the patience, the rewards within all of its possibilities, is a major force for me.”


My desire to work with the minimal elements of line, surface and form have taken my pieces in a new direction. I work from a maquette or purely from how I’m informed by the initial shape of the marble or alabaster as it was quarried.

To move through the complexities of the material and get to an essence of design simplicity, challenges me. Part of the challenge with this minimal dialogue and consideration of light and angles, is to still bring a sense of passion and elegance to the forefront.

I want to bring the heart of the stone and its interior complex mosaic of crystals to the surface, and share that with the viewer in an intensely personal way.


The human form, it’s musculature, light, and movement, has inspired me for a long time. These pieces are figuratively suggestive though remain abstract in their execution. Working with the strong physical presence of marble, it’s ruggedness and the feel of it’s long history of formation create challenges, rewards, and emotion that I enjoy.


I use hand chisels and power tools to shape the stone and seek to discover a passionate, sensual form.