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Britney Penouilh

New Orleans, LA 70119, U.S.A.
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Phone: 5044620911

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I approach my work with the notion that art is a vehilce, which delivers a message. It is a language through which ideas are communicated. Art takes something intangible and makes it material; something made to hear, touch, taste, and see from something abstract and ethereal. I am simply the conduit between ideas and emotions and their tangible expression created through my work.

My work is an allegorical combination of philosophy, theology, history, geology and poetry. Metaphorically and visually it becomes a spatial dance from the microscopic realm to the macroscopic, in which a thread between physical and metaphysical, the quantum reality and the spiritual reality – weaves a tapestry of sacred geometry.

Our physical experience allows for only three spatial dimensions and one dimension of time. Time is experienced in a linear fashion, by which events are sequentially ordered past, present, and future. Historically, we have recorded time by measure of light, revolutions around the sun, day-to-night, and season-to-season. So much of our lives are influenced by light, from the foods we harvest to the fabrics we create to cloak ourselves.

My Plexiglas etchings are a nod to the natural world, the influence the sun has on the seasons and the brilliant work of Copernicus himself. By doing these pieces on Plexiglas and allowing the cast shadows to help create the images, I am honoring the influence of light through the medium.