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Matthew Sudlow

1207 Lower State Road
North Whales, PA 19454, U.S.A.
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My fascination with the art of bonsai began when I was a child, after seeing a bonsai tree exhibit at the Philadelphia flower show. In my late twenties, I decided on a whim to move west from Pennsylvania to Utah and by coincidence, I crossed paths with a Utahan who had devoted over seventy years of his life to the art of bonsai. Fortunately, I became one of his last students. Not long after, I discovered that I was more interested in the idea of sculpting a tree than training one. However, at that time I also became enthralled by the process of creating bronze sculpture. Merely sculpting an original, one-off tree was not enough. I was excited by the challenge of designing a mold for an object as complex as a tree. With a proper mold design, I could produce nearly identical copies and in my opinion, possessing the ability to produce a series is an important hallmark of a modern bronze artist. Also, the lost wax process required that I cast each sculpture in wax before the remaining steps are taken to create the final work in bronze. Itís uncanny that I was able to manage this fragile material to create a permanent bronze sculpture with such delicacy, intricacy and detail. It has taken years of development and experimentation to equip me with the knowledge to make these enchanting trees. I hope they captivate you as they have me.