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Jenny Page

Cheyenne, WY , U.S.A.
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  Jenny Pagé:  Influenced by life experiences, travel, and personal understanding of these, I create artwork in traditional, contemporary and conceptual styles, while focusing on nature, psyche (or spirit) and  primarily, the human form.  My goals are to create clever, sensitive, and timeless expressions in Art that share impressions, thoughts and ideas with others, touching them in some way, or evoking cultural dialogue. Thank you for your interest in my work.

 Permanent Public Sculpture and select public collections:
-Andres Institute of Art. NH.USA.
- CAI ~ Contemporary Arts International INC. MA.USA.
 Permanent Public Sculpture 
- Journey to Wellness Center, NH. Permanent collection
- ~Ministry of Culture,Cairo,EGYPT.  Permanent collection
recent activity:
-A Sculptural Precedent: Raiding the Art History Sculpture Closet, from Arp to Zadkine. North and James J. Richey Galleries,Lakewood Cultural Center, CO.USA 
-International travel and study : Paris. London. Zurich,Switzerland.
-Début Exhibition  gallery artists.Fine Art Associates.
-Marble /marble : international Stone and marble symposium.
-Redstone Art Gallery, 18th Annual "Stone Carver's Exhibition"
-Loveland Museum of art: Figure and Form. group exhibition.
: for complete cv and exhibition history please contact me directly through my website or ISC