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Kevin Comeau

Meteghan Shore Road
Meteghan, Nova Scotia B0W 2L0, Canada
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Phone: 902-778-0948

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 I create to release what’s inside of me. Sculpting is a passion. It makes me feel alive.

I started sculpting in my early thirties to fill a void caused by serious health issues. Actually I didn’t think I had any artistic talent but one day I sculpted in plaster – the shape came to life – and I’ve been doing it ever since.

Sculpting lets me create three-dimensional art using my hands and basic tools. I sculpt in natural elements as much as possible and create detailed sculptures using self-taught skills.

I think my heritage and my strong connection to nature influence my choices of mediums. And my attraction to the human body and facial details influence the subjects I sculpt.  Right now, I’m enjoying creating portrait busts. 

If I had to label my practice, Realism is what I’d say. I’m intrigued by three-dimensional art. I enjoy the challenge of creating a realistic piece of art. When I sculpt, I focus on exact proportions, intricate details, and the symmetry of what I’m creating. 

 When I visit Galleries, fine art sculptures are what I enjoy. I’m drawn to the details and depth of the pieces, their three-dimensionality.

 I create sculptures in different kinds of wood, various types of stone, steel and rod iron, plaster and clay. I enjoy creating with what I find in nature – like an old apple tree, a piece of gypsum, driftwood on the shores, natural clay from the beach. I even make my own tools to sculpt with.

 I sculpt a variety of subjects – mostly people, mythological characters and animals. The lines of the face and curves of the body, all that inspires me. I’m naturally attracted to the anatomic elements of the body, having been a bodybuilder in my younger years.

 Sometimes the medium itself inspired me – the grain of the wood, texture of plaster or the shape of a stone. Now, my practice has lead me to sculpt portrait busts in clay and cast in bronze and I enjoy creating commissioned pieces. 

Kevin is a professional sculptor from Meteghan River, Nova Scotia. He’s an Acadian-Métis, using his surroundings and natural material as inspirations for his sculptures. To date his works have been exhibited locally and regionally, and purchased by private collectors. He is self-taught, sculpting for over 20 years in various mediums (bronze, clay, stone, steel, plaster, and wood). His focus is commissioned portrait busts. Kevin completed an Apprenticeship last year for the lost wax bronzing process, now creating sculptures in bronze taking his fine art skills to the next level.