International Sculpture Center



Ed Carpenter

Nashville Competition Design Proposal
May 10, 2005
230' x 30' x 26'
Mixed Media

Materials: Ten salvaged trusses, re-fabricated, sand blasted, and painted. Woven wire mesh, steel plate. Reinforced concrete footings. Lighting. An Icon for Nashville's East Bank Greenway:

It is as long as the biggest boats and barges on the river, springing from the old crane base beside the water, bridging across to the park in front of the stadium, and winding its way north along the river bank. Pedestrians wander beside and beneath it, enjoying the company of this friendly interloper. Remnant, bridge, sculpture---it could be any or all, could be old or new, reminiscent of a bygone industrial rig or some "thang" that crawled up out of the Cumberland River. Its straightforward construction and reclaimed truss body are reminders of the hard-working heritage of the site. Its whimsical forms suggest an enigmatic creature inhabiting the park as playful mascot and civic protector. Its bright yellow color and multi-point lighting create a sparkling profile from great distances day and night. Its leviathan scale gets the most from salvaged materials and from the site. Its abstract and friendly nature make it irresistible to citizens of all ages and walks of life.

For now, call it "Nashquatch", or "Hellbender ", "Trussdog", "Greenwog", "Uktena", or "Zagger". Eventually a public competition could pick the moniker, building citizen involvement and ownership. Meanwhile, go on, head for the Greenway and walk and gawk, run under it, stalk it, talk to it, squawk at it---you never know?.

Project Manager: Oanh Tran
Structural Engineering: Grant Davis