International Sculpture Center



Patrick Blythe

The Grief of Love Lasts a Life
23" X 23" X 23"

This work is about the universal experience of lost love, the decisions we make, and how those loves and choices remain with us for the rest of our lives. The central figure of the nun is in a moment of reflection about the arc of her life. She looks at the glass coffin below, with a barely visible dark shadow of the figure inside. The images in the windows represent memories of important moments of the relationships of her life. She thinks of the choices and sacrifices she made, or how fate (or God's will) intervened. Did war take a lover away, or did she feel called away from a lover by her faith? The dark body in the glass coffin may represent a former lover, her faith, or a life sacrificed for her calling. The walls represent the crumbling institutions many of us have built our lives around.